A person’s legacy can live on long after they’re gone.

This is certainly the case for Leo Goertz — especially now.

At its winter board meeting in February, The Foundation for Safer Athletic Field Environments (SAFE) unanimously voted to establish a grant to honor Goertz, the Texas A&M athletic field maintenance legend who died this past December at age 55.

The grant will annually fund $1,500 in Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA) Conference & Exhibition attendance expenses for an STMA member. STMA will also provide a complimentary conference registration.

The STMA Scholarship Committee will develop the criteria for the award, and the SAFE Foundation will solicit donations to fund this grant. More information about donations can be found at SAFEFields.org.

SAFE, the charitable arm of the STMA, was created in December 2000 to provide research, educational programs and scholarships geared to the sports field profession. At the 2016 STMA Conference & Exhibition, SAFE raised more than $27,000.