The more events held on a field, the more money earned for facility owners. Sports field managers understand the urgency of this 24/7 world and their role in preparing and maintaining fields that can successfully stand up to these high-use levels. They’re seeking equipment that can do the job better and faster and effectively tackle multiple tasks. Suppliers are responding with new products and significant advancements to existing products.

Trilo’s new B7 compact blower clears leaves, standing water and debris from natural grass and synthetic turf fields and other areas.

Gail Trudeau, marketing communications specialist for Billy Goat Industries, Inc. (, announced two of the company’s new products: the Z Force Blower and OS900 Series self-propelled overseeder. The Z Force Blower quickly attaches to any major ZTR mower via a standard heavy-duty JRCO mounting bracket. With a 360-degree rotational discharge, air can be diverted in any direction with the tap of a foot on the magnetically mounted pedal. The pivoting throttle control allows easy entry and exit of mower. The entire unit pivots up and down on the quick attach, so the unit floats smoothly with terrain changes. The blower maneuvers easily, reducing the fatigue factor.

Billy Goat’s innovative design of the newer hydro-drive OS900 overseeder allows verticutting and overseeding all in one pass. The unit features a 22-inch slicing reel that floats with the contours of the terrain, increasing seed-to-soil contact and improving germination rates. The infinite depth adjustment of the slicer blade increases blade life. The self-propelled hydrostatic drive with intuitive forward and reserve drive controls reduces fatigue. An exclusive Auto Drop system starts and stops seed drop with reel engagement and disengagement, conserving seed and preventing end-of-run seed piling. The unit comes standard with a 30-pound seed box that is elevated above the turf to eliminate any clogging that may occur from moisture. An optional chariot can be attached and provides additional comfort for the operator.

STEC Equipment, Inc. ( has several new product introductions.

The B7 three-point hitch compact blower from Trilo blows leaves, litter, standing water and debris off natural grass and synthetic turf fields and other areas. The impeller is statically and dynamically balanced to ensure smooth, vibration-free operation. The hydraulic-operated, 180-degree reverse spout is standard. The anti-scalp roller and wide swivel castor wheels follow surface contours.

Two new Trilo vacuum sweepers are equipped with a high-capacity fan; full-floating brush head; wide tires for low ground pressure; and a 16.4-foot-long, hand-held hose for access to hard-to-reach areas. The Trilo S3 has a working width of 4.9 feet and a 9.8-cubic-foot collection container. The Trilo S4 has a working width of 5.9 feet and a 13.1-cubic-foot collection container. With a 7-foot tip height, the Trilo S4 can unload into the back of a truck.

The Trilo C15 is a fully mounted, PTO-driven flail/scarifier collector with a working width of 1.5 meters. This multipurpose machine will cut and collect grass, scarify, and collect leaves and other debris.

Also new from STEC is the GKB aerator for high-speed decompaction on synthetic turf. Available in 3 or 6-foot models, this machine lifts infill material, either rubber or sand-based, and leaves it ready for grooming. It features two spiked rollers connected by an increased gear ratio, allowing the first ground-driven roller to speed up the second roller, causing lifting action without damaging turf fibers.

Wiedenmann North America, LLC ( will be introducing a new machine for synthetic turf maintenance called the Terra Clean 100. General Manager Will Wolverton says, “This machine is a ground-driven, pull-behind sweeper that has the basic design features and similar results as that of the Terra Clean 120, however, the cost of this machine is much lower. The Terra Clean 100 has a ground-driven rotary brush that brings debris and some crumb rubber or infill onto a mechanical vibrating screen that separates the debris from the crumb rubber. The crumb rubber is redistributed back onto the field. The debris is collected in an easily removable hopper.”

This machine can be used either indoors or outdoors with just about any type of tow vehicle. Wolverton says, “This artificial turf sweeper will be an affordable solution for cleaning artificial turf fields with incredible results.”

Billy Goat’s innovative design of the newer hydro-drive OS900 Series self-propelled overseeder allows verticutting and overseeding all in one pass. The chariot is optional.

TurfTime Equipment ( has introduced its improved Thatch Master, bringing flexibility to this classic dethatcher and verticutter. Glenn Musser, vice president of product development and marketing, says, “Sports field managers adopt programs and equipment based on variables including terrain, soil composition, grass varieties and climate. Ideal equipment can be fine-tuned to function best in each environment. Thatch Master owners have always selected from a variety of blades and spacing patterns; we’ve now added these refinements.”

Flip-down stands allow the depth settings to be adjusted in the shop rather than on the field. Alternate slotted or fixed attachment hole patterns to the three-point hitch gives sports field managers choices that adapt the machine to flat or undulating terrain, bringing greater stability. Optional weights improve continuous ground contact in tough conditions or at faster operating speeds, while allowing the lightest possible footprint. The new heavy chain runs cooler and lasts longer, keeping maintenance costs to a minimum. Musser says, “These improvements continue TurfTime Equipment’s commitment to great turf in less time with the right equipment.”

Improvements on TurfTime Equipment’s Thatch Master give the sports field manager multiple choices to adapt the machine to flat or undulating terrain and bring greater stability.

Earth & Turf Products ( introduced a hydraulic drive option for its MultiSpread Model 320, a 1-cubic-yard topdresser with a wide-spread beater. The machine’s capacity can be increased to 2 cubic yards by adding optional light material sides. The hydraulic option offers benefits for owners with tow vehicles with a remote hydraulic valve and minimum flow of 6 GPM. With the hydraulic drive option, apron and beater speeds are independent of ground speed, and each is infinitely adjustable independent of the other, providing flexibility. In addition, ground traction in slippery conditions is not an issue.

Toro ( has introduced the Workman MDX-D, the company’s first mid-duty utility vehicle featuring a diesel engine. Incorporating all of the innovative features of the Workman line, this new diesel unit provides powerful performance and durable operation.

The 36.55-cubic-inch (599cc) Kubota diesel engine is liquid-cooled, providing longer engine life than gas engine models. With the CVT (continuous variable transmission) belt-drive transmission design, this unit delivers high compression rates, resulting in greater power, improved towing capacity and better fuel economy. This teamed with the 6.5-gallon fuel tank and a payload capacity of 1,650 pounds, boosts productivity.

Coming soon from Wiedenmann: the Terra Clean 100 for synthetic turf maintenance indoors or out.

As with all Workman MD series models, the MDX-D combines a coil-over shock absorber suspension design with a patented Active In-Frame twister joint that allows each axle to follow ground contours independently. This unique SRQ (superior ride quality) suspension cushions the operator from bumps regardless of payload to improve comfort and vehicle control.

Optional accessories and attachments for the MDX-D include the deluxe hard cab, canopy top and windshield. The rollover protective system, brush guard and heavy-duty bumper add stability and protection for operating on challenging terrain.

At a time when sports field managers are being asked to do more with less every day, Jacobsen ( recently introduced the TrueSet cutting unit, which will make it faster and easier to adjust Jacobsen mowers.

Jacobsen’s new TrueSet cutting unit features an innovative bedknife-to-reel adjustment.

The bulk of the time savings provided by the TrueSet cutting unit comes from a bedknife-to-reel adjustment that moves the bedbar one-thousandth of an inch with an audible click. The adjustment is made from just two points at the top and front of the cutting unit with a .5-inch wrench, the same tool used for height-of-cut adjustment.

Toro’s new Workman MDX-D is the company’s first mid-duty utility vehicle featuring a diesel engine.

Sports field managers want to “set it and forget it.” Chris Fox, product manager for Jacobsen, says, “TrueSet’s 425 pounds of holding power assures a clean, consistent cut each and every time. In total, TrueSet takes the guesswork out of reel adjustment and shaves precious minutes from sports field managers’ maintenance routines.”

The author is a contributing editor for SportsField Management.