The focus on efficient, cost-effective, multitasking turf equipment continues as suppliers heed the need to do more with less, introducing new products and significant advancements to existing products.

President Ian Camp reports CS Trading ( has been appointed as North American distributor by Howardson Ltd. for its line of Dennis Mowers. He says, “These cylinder mowers are built of steel and iron, with their weight the secret that allows them to provide a quality cut without bouncing. Cast iron wheels and ribbed tires deliver a positive drive to the cylinders.” The Dennis gang mower has a 69-inch cutting width and offers either ball or jaw hitch options. Freewheel reverse ensures safe transport. The tow frame assembly is easy to dismantle for storage.

Redexim North America introduced the Verti-Top TB tow-behind cleaner for synthetic turf.

Paul Hollis, executive vice president, says Redexim North America ( has introduced the Verti-Top TB, a tow-behind cleaner for synthetic turf that includes an exclusive vacuum system. The machine can be pulled behind any power unit, including tractors, golf carts, utility vehicles and more. Hollis says, “The Verti-Top TB does a more efficient job of cleaning, collecting even the smallest dust particles, hair and light debris from the surface of a synthetic turf infilled field. For a greener alternative, we offer an optional kit that allows the machine to be powered by propane instead of diesel or gasoline.”

Bannerman’s Super-Ject Aerator BA-600 features five different tine options. Ten wheels, each equipped with 10 tines, cover a 6-foot swath.

Bannerman ( introduced new options for its Super-Ject Aerator BA-600. George Bannerman, company president and director of new product development, says, “We use 10 wheels, each equipped with 10 tines, across the 6-foot width of the machine. Each wheel spins independently. Equipped with slitter tines, the unit fractures the soil to a depth of 8 millimeters with no surface disturbance and very little visual disturbance. With five different tine options, including open-back tines, the BA-600 provides an affordable and efficient alternative for a variety of turf management procedures.”

Jacobsen’s ( LF550/570 Turf Mower is a light fairway reel unit that delivers a precise cut. According to Marketing Communications Manager Glenn King, multiple features make maintenance faster and easier. Active machine monitoring diagnostics are shown in full text. With the FlashAttach Reel Mounting System, no tools are required for reel removal. There’s no need for a lift to gain access under the machine. Frequently accessed items are under the hood rather than under the seat. Operational features include the electronic-controlled hydrostatic transmission providing controlled acceleration and deceleration and preventing wheel spin. The maintenance-free wet parking brake is automatically applied when the engine is turned off, idle or in neutral. King says, “It has the highest transport speed in the industry. Programmable max mow speed can be set by the field manager to ensure consistent cut regardless of the operator.”

Dakota Peat and Equipment now offers an automatic rear door option for their Turf Tenders.

Dakota Peat and Equipment ( has introduced the 410 Electric Turf Tender, a topdresser with a 48-volt, four-battery system that allows the user to spread over 50 loads of material on a single charge. The unit is quiet because there is no engine or hydraulics. It provides spread widths from 12 to 40 feet, and spreads light or heavy, wet or dry material.

New technology from multiple companies is available to the North American market through STEC Equipment, Inc. (, according to Jason Sentell, director of sales and marketing. New from RotaDairon is their SMC seeding technology. Featuring a new peg-wheel system, the SMC seeders are able to precisely distribute seeds of almost any size. This precision is based on the volumetric adjustment of the peg-wheels, which are ground driven and distribute according to forward speed. This results in seed savings and higher germination rates because of the greater seed-to-soil contact and precision placement of the seeds. Seeders come in various working widths, and with slit, culti-pack and spike roller options.

STEC announces new SMC Seed Technology for the RotaDairon.

The RotaDairon ED Verticutter offers three blade options and is available in 52 and 72-inch widths. New to these units is an interlocking blade system, which magnetically holds the blade in place until you tighten the lock nut on the rotor shaft.

New features bring greater efficiency to the Ground Quake Sand Injector, a machine capable of injecting all types of materials, wet or dry, to amend the soil for a one-pass drainage solution. New features include: central greasing system, rear roller assembly for minimizing heave, improved vibration and agitators to help damp sand flow, new hitch design, automated depth control and a maintenance-free chain drive.

According to Will Wolverton, general manager for Wiedenmann North America (, the Super 500, a heavy-duty sweeper/verticutter/flail mower collection system, pays for itself through the many functions it can perform. The Super 500 can be configured for sweeping and collecting leaves, clippings, cores and other materials. The optional multipurpose sweeper head allows for verticutting or flail mowing with clippings collected in that single pass and channeled into its 3.5-cubic-yard hopper. The high dump reaches up to 83 inches.

New brackets for the rear door of the hopper make Wiedenmann’s Super 500 a great option for pulverizing cores.

Wolverton says, “We recently extended the Enviro Dust Minimizer [deflector shield] channeling dust particles directly into the ground, a major advancement where dust emissions are regulated. New this year is the core pulverizer kit. By installing brackets on the rear door of the hopper, a 4-inch gap is created, which allows materials to fall back to the surface. The verticutting blades and paddles on the multipurpose head turn the cores to dust for redistribution. If desired, combine verticutting with core pulverization. Then drag mat the surface. Uninstall the hopper brackets for the final sweep with the Super 500. The field is now ready for watering and recovery.”

TurfTime Equipment’s ( Advantage 3050 Topdresser spreads wet or dry materials in less time and with minimal compaction. Glenn Musser, vice president of product development and marketing, says, “Its 50-foot-wide spread pattern, 8-foot hopper that holds 5 yards level or 6.5 yards heaped, the wide belt and large spinners provide more topdressing with fewer passes. The wide Galaxy flotation tires are new for 2011, giving it the lightest footprint of any topdresser its size. We also introduced the TT-100, an economical topdresser that will spread light to heavy applications 40 feet wide.”

TurfTime Equipment’s Infield Groomers, the Model 60 P Triple Play and 78 Triple Play, have long ripper teeth and close spacing to rough up the ground for fast drying and quick return to play. New, wider wheels provide better flotation. The hitch tongue is removable for better storage.

The TurfTime Advantage Heavy-Duty Rolling Aerator with smoothing roller comes standard with the Revolution solid chisel point sports tines, allowing aeration to a 7.5-inch depth. Core tines are also available. Musser says, “This year, we increased the working aerator width in the same frame width and simplified the roller depth gauge adjustment.”

New for TurfTime Equipment’s Advantage Heavy-Duty Rolling Aerator is increased working width and a simplified roller depth gauge adjustment.

New for the Toro ( Sand Pro 3040/5040 infield groomer, the Sport Field Edger attachment is designed to quickly and easily maintain the grass edges on baseball and softball fields by removing overgrown turf and infield lip buildup. “The Edger attachment eliminates much of the hand work done in edging,” says Kevin Conry, senior marketing manager for Toro’s Commercial Business. “It may take eight hours to edge a field by hand. With the Edger attachment, it can be done in less than two hours.” With more than 21 attachments available, the Sand Pro can tackle multiple tasks on the skin and natural turf, as well as on synthetic turf fields.

The new auxiliary tank on Turfco’s T3000 ride-on Spreader and Sprayer Applicator allows the operator to make spot treatments of one chemical while spraying another.

Turfco Manufacturing’s ( CR-7 topdresser and material handler uses WideSpin technology for an accurate spread from light to heavy and up to 35 feet wide. With an adjustable spinner angle providing a range of 17 degrees up and down, field managers can drive topdressing into the turf for better integration. “The optional rear-mounted cross-conveyor with a 180-degree swivel allows easy access to tighter areas,” says Scott Kinkead, executive vice president. “Also new for 2011, is an optional back-mounted trench-filling attachment for completing renovation work, backfilling irrigation trenches, resetting irrigation heights or other backfilling tasks.”

An addition to Turfco’s ride-on T3000 Spreader and Sprayer Applicator is an auxiliary tank. Kinkead says, “This provides increased capacity and allows the operator to spray additional chemicals. They now can be making a preemergent application and have spot-spraying capabilities for glyphosate or another chemical. Also new is a trim speed setting for trimming along fence lines and hands-free speed control.”

Kromer introduced the Line Expert by Titan, an airless, high-pressure, walk-behind line striper for natural and synthetic turf that can also be used on asphalt.

Just introduced, the Kromer ( Line Expert by Titan is an airless, high-pressure, walk-behind, multipurpose line striper for natural and synthetic turf as well as asphalt. The Line Expert features freely adjustable (no tools required) high pressure from 200 to 3,000 PSI. Designed for budget-conscious buyers, it produces sharp, crisp lines, yet uses up to 50 percent less paint than traditional low-pressure sprayers. This means less paint on the fields and in the environment. Paint athletic fields, parking lots, track and field events, and logos/stencils with just one machine.

The author is a contributing editor for SportsField Management.