In the peak of summer, which is surely your busiest time of year, efficient time management is critical to the success of your field care program. With heavy field use demands, long hours and budget restraints, maintaining a safe and healthy field may seem like an overwhelming task, but developing an efficient and dependable staff can help to ease some of the burden placed on a sports field manager’s shoulders. A Microsoft survey published in 2005 determined that most people only use 60 percent of available work time. When over 38,000 people in 200 countries were queried about individual productivity, the study showed that although they were physically at work five days a week, they were only productively using three days. Developing an efficient crew that you are confident delegating responsibilities to is imperative to field maintenance success. See our story on page 40 for more tips on developing employee efficiency.

Because we know that this time of year you don’t have time to go searching for new products or equipment, we’ve brought you an easy way to access the best gear and companies serving the field care market. On page 25 of this issue you’ll find our annual Buyer’s Guide, a user-friendly, comprehensive directory of products and companies geared toward the sports field management industry. Need a new topdresser? Simply flip to the product category listing and you’ll see a list of companies who manufacture them. Search for a company you’re interested in under the company listings to find contact information and Web addresses. With all of this product information in one easy-to-use directory, I hope you’ll keep this issue handy year-round, but just in case, we’ll post all of the information on our Web site,

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Katie Meyers