2013 brought the introduction of dozens of new products and tools to help field managers get the job done better, faster and more efficiently. Here’s a look back at some of our favorite innovations from the last year.

Ultraplex from Grigg Brothers

In March 2013, Grigg Brothers (http://www.griggbros.com) introduced Ultraplex, asophisticated combination product containingGrigg Brothers’ exclusive ElicitorTechnology that is designed for use in allseasons. The new formulation featuresadditional effective natural biostimulants,amino and organic acids; additional seaplant extract; a water-buffering agent;macronutrients; a fully organic chelatedmicronutrient package that includes: iron,magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper andboron; and a natural, nonionic and organic surfactant for improvedleaf coverage and absorption.

HydroChill by Shaw Sports Turf

In October, Shaw Sports Turf (http://www.shawsportsturf.com) announcedthe development of an advanced system to combat the heaton synthetic turf fields. HydroChill, which was in development fornearly three years, has shown cooling effects of as much as 50 degrees compared to normal synthetic turf systems. The technologyis applied to a field where components react and form a coating onthe infill. The field is watered to activate HydroChill and then energy from sunlight drives out water, removing heat from the surface. The cooling effect of HydroChill after watering can last two to three days.

Graco’s ProStencil

Graco’s ProStencil (http://www.graco.com), introduced last spring, is theindustry’s first battery-powered, high-pressure airless hand-held paintsprayer. The sprayer has a 32-ounce cup, making it great for smalllogos and stencils, or for spraying unique colors in large logos. TheProStencil comes complete with two 20V lithium-ion power pack batteriesand charger, a 24-inch spray extension and a storage case.

LebanonTurf’s Country Club MD

Country Club MD, a fertilizer fromLebanonTurf (http://www.lebanonturf.com),hit the market in August of this year.Country Club MD is formulated toconsistently deliver the nutrients andstress-buffering biostimulants thatturfgrass needs to stay healthy allseason long. The fertilizer utilizes ahighly dispersing homogenous granuletechnology and contains sea plantkelp meal, humic acid and Meth-Ex, aslow-release methylene urea nitrogen.

Earth & Turf Products’ TruFlow 54D-ATS

This past fall, Earth & Turf Products (http://www.earthandturf.com) debutedthe TruFlow 54D-ATS (Artificial Turf Special). This versatilemachine can be used to put down crumbed rubber and sweep it intothe fiber layers or as a topdresser to add crumbed rubber as neededto rejuvenate artificial turf fields or lawns. The 54D-ATS has a 15-cubic-foot capacity and features one brush in the front and one in theback to provide two sweeping actions.

The OzoMax from T.I.P., Inc.

Last April we got a first look at a new tool for cleaning syntheticturf: the OzoMax from T.I.P., Inc. (http://www.tipinc.net). The OzoMaxdisinfecting system uses ozone injection technology to keep turfclean and free of unwanted bacteria and viruses such as MRSA, hepatitisand influenza. The system is completely chemical-free, and theonly input is water. Surfaces can be treated as often as is necessary.and the field can be ready for use within minutes after disinfection.

Jacobsen’s AR522 Mower

The AR522 contour rotary mower from Jacobsen (http://www.jacobsen.com) is an update of the previous Jacobsen AR-522 . Launched inJune 2013, the new model is a five-gang rotary mower equippedwith SureTrac four-wheel drive traction and weight transfer control.The AR522 is also equipped with Jacobsen’s TrimTek decks, whichfeature a downdraft blade for superior mulching capabilities. Thedecks’ three-tiered opening distributes clippings evenly for an attractiveafter-cut appearance. The TrimTek deck also gives users theability to mulch or discharge, depending on their needs.

The Rotorake 600HD from SISIS

Launched in August, the Rotorake 600HD from SISIS (http://www.sisis.com) is a heavy-duty pedestrian dethatcher and linear aerator thatcan be used for regular, routine use at a shallow setting or a deepersetting when required. Like other dethatchers in the SISIS range,the Rotorake 600HD works on the contra-rotating principle developedby the company in the 1960s, and has the effect of throwingthe removed thatch forward while firmly holding the machine tothe ground, providing a consistent working depth. The 600HD hasa 24-inch working width, six forward speeds and a reverse gear forefficiency under varying terrain.

Performance Nutrition’s Castilite 0-0-15

Castilite 0-0-15, a late-summer introduction from PerformanceNutrition (http://www.performancefertilizers.com), is a nutrient-efficient,environmentally friendly granular fertilizer that delivers organic nitrogenand phosphate without actually applying nitrogen or phosphorusto a site. Castilite 0-0-15 uses unique microbes to fix nitrogenfrom the atmosphere and unlock phosphate for up to 18 weeks. It isalso fortified with potassium, which is especially beneficial for sandysoils. Castilite 0-0-15 contains 70 percent NutriSmart, a biologicaleco-fertilizer and humate soil amendment.

Pro Turf Pusher from Turf Maintenance Solutions

Released just in time for winter, the Pro Turf Pusher from TurfMaintenance Solutions (http://www.proturfpusher.com) is a snow pusherspecifically designed for sports field managers. Integrating a smoothcylinder, the Pro Turf Pusher minimizes disruption of crumb rubberand eliminates the windrows caused by using conventional plows.Available in 6 and 8-foot models, it can mount to existing maintenanceequipment using a universal skid steer mount or tractorpin-type hook up.