Rotary Mower

Jacobsen recently introduced the HR800 16-foot-wide rotary mower. The lightweight mower can mow more than 20 acres per hour, according to the company. By utilizing a compact chassis design and high-strength, high-performance steel, there is less mass to move around, thus requiring less fuel, hydraulic capacity and power, Jacobsen says. The mower is powered by a 74.3-horsepower Kubota engine. The HR800 is the second mower in a new series of wide-area rotary mowers from Jacobsen. In February, Jacobsen introduced the HR700, a 14-foot-wide rotary mower. According to Jacobsen, the HR series is centered around the operator experience and operator safety. The ergonomic cabins in the mowers provide reduced noise and vibration, and are outfitted with air conditioning and heat, fan, ventilation windows, heated windshield, and a premium air suspension seat.



The United Turf Alliance recently announced the addition of two new herbicides to its ArmorTech line of products. ArmorTech SULF 396 is designed to provide control of sedges and many other weeds, according to the company. The active ingredient sulfentrazone launches a two-pronged attack against sedges with above-ground foliar control and tuber interaction below the soil. ArmorTech SULF 396 —available in four 1-gallon or 12 6-ounce cases — can be used on established cool-season and warm-season turfgrass and applied in early spring, late summer and fall. ArmorTech TRIONE — available in four 64-ounce or 12 8-ounce cases — is absorbed through roots, shoots and leaves and offers both pre-emergence and post-emergence control of grassy and broadleaf weeds, according to the company. It is often used during turf establishment and renovation projects to prevent or eliminate weeds and reduce competition with emerging turfgrass.


Airless Spray Gun

Titan recently introduced the RX-PRO airless spray gun, rated for 3,600 PSI. The Titan Infinity Packing system doubles the life of the gun and makes rebuilding more convenient by reversing the seat and changing the ball, according to the company. In addition, fluid is isolated from the spring and needle assembly, which reduces wear. Titan says the RX-PRO works with any brand of line striper and has ergonomic features that promote additional comfort, including a lighter trigger pull that decreases operator fatigue. The FingerPrint Grip has three interchangeable grip sizes, making it possible to customize the grip to fit any hand size. The RX-PRO also has a one-touch trigger lock, as well as an improved free-flow swivel, which improves maneuverability.


Debris Blower

Turfco recently introduced the Torrent 2 debris blower, outfitted with technologies that deliver maximum control over air speed, air direction, noise management and fuel consumption, according to the company. With the patent-pending MagnaPoint Technology, adjustable magnetic stops take the guesswork out of debris cleanup, allowing operators to get the most productive blower angle. This new technology increases operator efficiency and productivity, while saving on fuel consumption and noise, the company says. The Torrent 2 can handle all types of debris, making it ideal for year-round cleanup and athletic field maintenance. Its new design features improved wiring that eliminates battery drain if the key is left on.