The new year is here, and now is a great time to start planning for the year ahead. Prepare yourself for a busy and successful season by making some new additions to your equipment arsenal. In this special section, you’ll find a variety of turf care products and equipment-from turf protection systems to infield groomers-to help you get the job done.


The Wind Weighted infield turf protector protects artificial or natural turf infields without the need for stakes. Steel chain inserted in vinyl sleeves in the front, corners and back middle provides the ballast needed to keep it in position even in windy conditions. Installation and removal are faster and easier than with staked-down tarps. It is made with VIPOL Matrix Material, a durable mesh that is highly spike-tolerant and virtually tear-proof. The protector is available in 20 colors and with optional Chroma-Bond multicolor imprinting.

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The Parks and Playground Seeder model B-PPPS-5 opens turf to ensure seed to soil contact. The 5-foot seeder is accurate and easy to calibrate, with a hopper capacity of 150 pounds and seeding rates of 35 to 150 pounds per acre in a single pass. A Category I three-point hitch is standard. It also features a main frame with a tray to carry additional bags of seed.

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Beacon Athletics

The Beacon Triple Play batter’s box template features all sizes in one template. The durable, lightweight PVC template provides the outline for all three sizes of batter’s boxes: 3 feet by 6 feet for youth baseball, 4 feet by 6 feet for baseball and 3 feet by 7 feet for softball. Simply align it with home plate and scribe the outline of the box needed. Then use a field chalker to create the finished batter’s boxes.

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The Terraturf protection cover is a snap-together portable flooring system designed for pedestrian traffic and light vehicles. Overlapping, translucent sheets provide an easy-to-install turf protection system. Overlap each panel, then step down on it until you hear it snap into place. Made of high-density polyethylene, it cleans up quickly with any high-pressure, cold-water spray washer. It is also an eco-friendly product, made with 100 percent recyclable material.

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CoverSports USA

The full-color 2011 catalog features a wide selection of new products and popular standards, many of which have enhancements for versatility and longer life. The Armor Mesh Fencemate windscreen is a heavy, durable product available in 10 colors. FieldSaver products now include full field covers with a new standard handle design and grommet spacing; skin tarps and baseline tarps; weighted tarps in silver/white poly fabric; carrier for transporting weighted and standard spot covers; push cart for one-person transport of covers; and safety yellow stakes. An 8-foot padded foul pole kit was added to the Deluxe Tempfence line. Also new are the weighted jump pit cover and weighted track protector covers.

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Game Time Sports Systems

Louisville Slugger Game Time Red features a unique blend of particles that are designed to enhance the stability of an infield. It provides a rich, red color that adds focus and contrast to ground balls. The product works well as both a topdressing and a soil conditioner.

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The Base Runner is an infield conditioner with 3×3 hydrostatic all-wheel drive and zero turning radius for maneuverability, with speeds up to 12 mph. The unit is powered by an 18 hp, air-cooled Briggs & Stratton Vanguard V-twin engine. A wraparound, rear-hinged cargo box allows for operator access while seated. Mid and rear hydraulic lifts accommodate a variety of attachments, including a front plow, mid-mount chisel blade, mid-mount Versa Tine, mid-mount finger blade scarifier, rear-mount infield conditioner and rear-mount sand rake.

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Premium Green 11-2-9 Fe + Mn contains 8 percent iron and 3 percent manganese to provide a dark green color and a high level of disease resistance. The nitrogen source is soluble. The product contains a full minors package with 1 percent soil penetrant, as well as 10 percent humic acids to enhance nutrient availability. It waters in easily with no mower pickup.

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Heying Co.

The MG72 Multi Groomer is available in two versions: Granular-Rock and Golf-Turf. It is engineered with removable, adjustable implements, allowing users to convert between versions in minutes. The granular and rock version is used to groom baseball and softball infields. The golf and turf version is used on natural and artificial turf to pulverize aeration cores, work in topdressing, dethatch, groom and rejuvenate artificial turf. It can be pulled by a variety of machines, and no tools are necessary for adjustments. It comes standard with an electric lift and wireless remote control.

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Markers, Inc.

Preassembled and do-it-yourself kits are now available for creating base anchors. Made from recycled rubber, the 12-by-3-inch squares install quickly, can be relocated and require no form fabrication or concrete. Preassembled units are provided with a 1.5-inch square receptacle (the PABF product). BAF kits offer easy assembly for anchors with different dimensions. Both options will reduce base installation time.

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The all-new Dirt Medic infield groomer is designed specifically for use with garden tractors, light-duty utility vehicles and ATVs. Built with the same heavy construction as the larger Dirt Doctor models, the Medic features a 4-foot-wide grooming path and 10-inch pneumatic tires for easy transport. The hand wheel adjusts both the angle and depth of the harrow teeth and reversible cutting bar from the driver’s seat to quickly fill in and level infields. The Finishing Broom kit creates a smooth, finished surface.

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The All Purpose Vacuum (APV) picks up plastic and glass bottles, debris, leaves, twigs and cans from hard surfaces or turf. An onboard hose allows operators to vacuum areas that are difficult to reach. The fan is housed in 12-gauge steel, and the ergonomic soft-grip handles fold for storage. The 6.75 hp Briggs & Stratton engine provides 1,750 CFM of suction. It is lightweight and easy to maneuver.

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Southern Athletic Fields

Ultralight Hose weighs 16 pounds per 100-foot section. Both the Ultralight and green standard hose come standard with 1-inch couplings on both ends that can be used with the company’s constant-flow or dual-range nozzles.

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Stabilizer Solutions

Stabilizer Ballyard Clay is a manufactured blend of clay, interlocking soil particles and Stabilizer. This stabilized mound clay is designed to manage moisture, remaining stable during rain events and holding on to water longer in dry periods. The product is ready to pack out of the bag.

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STEC Equip.

The GKB Aerator for synthetic turf is a tool for high-speed decompaction. The machine lifts infill material, either rubber or sand-based, and leaves it ready for grooming. It features two spiked rolls, connected by an increased gear ratio. This allows the first ground-driven roller to speed up the second roller, causing lifting action.

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Turf Teq

The Model 1305PL plow is 46 inches wide and can be used to grade/level soil and gravel. The plow angle can be easily adjusted from left to right from the operator position. The blade can oscillate or be locked into position. The plow utilizes a compression spring trip release. Additional features include a replaceable cutting edge, fully hydrostatic transmission with forward/reverse and a 13 hp Honda engine. It can easily be converted into a Power Edger, Power Broom, Power Rake or Brush Cutter.

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TurfTime Equip.

TurfTime has released an improved tine for use with its sports turf aerators. Rolling aerators with the new tines provide 6-inch-deep penetration with minimal disturbance of the soil surface. Because this method of aeration is so quick and play schedules are not interrupted, managers are able to aerate more frequently, resulting in better year-round turf conditions. A three-point hitch is standard on all units. Aerators come in sizes from 4 to 8 feet. An optional lift kit allows the smaller units to be pulled by a 4WD utility vehicle.

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Water Management Specialist, Inc.

Whether building a new field or renovating an existing field, Water Management Specialist, Inc. has the expertise and equipment to provide high-quality fields, including football, soccer, lacrosse, baseball and softball. We begin with an accurate survey of new or existing fields and design finish grades, drainage systems, irrigation, seed or sod. We now have a new process called Sand Cap Build-up System. (This concept was developed by MSU Turf).We can renovate an existing field with this system, and the process can usually be completed in 90 days.

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Waupaca Sand & Solutions

Sur-Hop Home Run Red infield mix features an exceptional red color and is made to perform at a high level, even with minimal maintenance. A proven balance of sand and clay ensures optimum playability, with firm footing and predictable ball bounce. It is manufactured to meet ASTM standards for skinned areas on baseball and softball fields. Sur-Hop Home Run Red is engineered for high school and park and recreation-level fields, but it can also be used on college and professional-level fields. Custom blends with higher clay contents are available.

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