Buffalo Turbine’s Misting Fans

Buffalo Turbine introduced the Buffalo Turbine Monsoon Compact Fan Assisted Misting e Compact Fan Assisted Misting System will be utilized for evaporative cooling at golf courses, country clubs, sports fields, stadiums and outdoor banquet facilities. The system utilizes a proprietary high-speed rotary atomizer and can distribute a fine mist of water in excess of 50 e compact system is lightweight, portable and has a standard 110-volt plug along with a .75-inch garden hose connection.


Jacobsen Makes the Cut

Jacobsen announced the launch of the TrueSet cutting unit, a new product that will make Jacobsen mowers even faster and easier to adjust. The bulk of the time savings provided by Jacobsen’s TrueSet cutting unit comes from an innovative bedknife-to-reel adjustment. Technicians fine-tune the TrueSet bedknife-to-reel adjustment at two points with a gear that moves the bedbar 1/1000 inch with an audible click. The adjustment is made from the top and front of the cutting unit with a .5-inch wrench, the same tool used for height-of-cut adjustment. This makes the new cutting unit much easier to reach and reduces the number of tools needed to make adjustments. The TrueSet cutting unit will begin shipping on the following 5-inch reel products this winter: ECLIPSE 2 walking greens mowers (floating head), Greens King IV, GP400 and ECLIPSE 322 riding greens mowers, and the LF550 and SLF-1880 fairway mowers.


Reel It In

Reelcraft Series 5000, 7000 and 8000 enclosed reels feature a steel enclosure that offers an additional level of protection for the hose from potentially harmful debris. Removing the cover on either side will allow access to the majority of serviceable parts. A full flow shaft and swivel assure maximum product delivery. Steel components are individually powder coated prior to assembly. Cast guide assembly offers four nylon guide rollers to guard hose from wear due to angular hose pull.


Guard Your Infield

Pro’s Choice Infield Guards create a flexible 6-inch barrier that will keep the infield material from blowing into the outfield grass during the off-season. Each guard is 6 inches high and 8 feet long with grommets and clips on each end, and can easily be installed by a single person. Simply clip the guards together and stake them down around the edge of the skinned area using three 6-inch sod staples per guard. A 90-foot baseline with a regulation arc will need about 500 feet of infield guards.


A Topdresser for 2013

New for 2013, the Ecolawn ECO 200 self-propelled topdresser spreads a wide variety of materials including sand, topsoil, compost, calcite clay and crumb rubber. The ECO 200 is completely self-propelled and highly maneuverable, even up steep and uneven grades. Adjustments to mechanical systems are simple and require very basic hand tools. Multiple grease fittings are easily accessible to assure long bearing life.