Classen’s PRO HTS20 Hydro-Drive overseeder is a self-propelled machine featuring the industry’s tightest blade placement, according to the company, providing 13 seed rows in a 20
-inch swath for a thicker, carpet-like coverage. The unit’s double-edge, double-blade reel spaces the blades 1.5 inches apart to provide more than 15 percent more rows of seed than other u
nits, according to the company. Depth can be set in any of 10 settings from 0 to 1.625 inches, with the purpose of attaining the proper depth for the seed. The PRO overseeder features a 40-pound-capacity floating seed box and a 9-hp Honda engine that offers speeds as fast as 3 mph forward and 1.5 mph reverse.

Plant Nutrient

Anuvia Plant Nutrients recently introduced its GreenTRX 16-1-2-17S-3Fe, a homogenous, enhanced efficiency plant nutrition product. It uses the power of the Organic MaTRX — a slow-release system — to deliver nutrients to turf while enriching the soil. The Organic MaTRX is made to mimic organic matter in soil. GreenTRX provides a very predictable release over time, according to the company. GreenTRX 16-1-2-17S-3Fe represents a sustainable solution for the turf industry and supports the 4R Nutrient Stewardship initiative for effective management of nutrient delivery. GreenTRX 16-1-2-17S-3Fe comes in granular, intermediate and elite sizes and can be applied using standard equipment. Nutrient delivery lasts sixto eight weeks.

Soil Surfactant
Aquatrols recently launched a new line of pellet products to complement its soil surfactant offerings. In addition to the standard Advantage Plus formulation for improved hand watering, two new formulations are available for turf managers seeking added benefits. Advantage Plus Seaweed contains seaweed extract to aid in the recovery of stressed turf, while Advantage Plus Humic and Fulvic Acid aids in hydration and root growth. According to Nick Gadd, director of global marketing for Aquatrols, the new pellets are a result of the company’s dedication to improved product offerings. “The Advantage pellets have long been popular with turf managers worldwide. We are now pleased to offer our customers a wider choice in pellet products,” Gadd said.

Online Learning

Dow AgroSciences recently introduced online product training available for turf and athletic field managers who want to continue their education on Dow AgroSciences Turf & Ornamental (T&O) products and services. This three-part, interactive course provides key insights on preemergence and postemergence herbicides, as well as insecticides and fungicides. Each course takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and includes educational training followed by a short quiz. Individuals can learn the many benefits of preemergence herbicides and can also review important postemergence application tips and learn about effective disease and insect control with proper resistance management. “This training program is a great opportunity for turf professionals to learn about our products,” said Maureen Clark, product manager for Dow AgroSciences T&O.