Armada’s TDR Technology

The Armada Technologies Pro400 TDR brings graphical capabilityto irrigation applications. In the irrigation world, TDR technologyis aiding in diagnosing and finding decoders and wire faults. Previous to the Pro400, lost decoders and valve boxes were virtuallyimpossible to find. The Pro400 Graphical TDR easilyconnects to the two-wire cable, and after some minor calibration, pinpoints the distance to the lost decoder or to open/short faults. The graphical display is capable of 6,000 feet of range and showing multiple events on that cable.

Two New Offerings from Direct Solutions

Direct Solutions introduces CISTERN Soil Surfactant and HumectantComplex (CISTERN) and 4-Speed Herbicide (4-Speed). CISTERNcontains a blend of multifunctional soil surfactants. The unique formulation behind CISTERN, developed and marketed by Numerator Technologies, Inc., incorporates a mixture of hydrophilichumectants and hygroscopic compounds that when used in combination with the product’s surfactant blend will enhance plant tolerance to water deficit and heat stress. 4-Speed is a postemergent herbicide labeled for cool and warm-season turf. It controls more than 100 broadleaf weeds, includingdandelion, plantain, oxalis and chickweed.

Turf Health Program

Gantec is launching a new program this year for turf managers interested in a natural and effective turf health solution. Gantec treatmentconsists of emulsifiable concentrates and granular solids that stimulate roots quickly and effectively while slowly releasing plant-based nutrients. Our products work together as a natural turf fertilizing system. Activating root system growth and stimulatingnutrient uptake in favorable and stressful conditions enables sustainable, strong and natural turf.

Portable Probe

Dynamax, Inc. is launching the new TH150 Portable Soil MoistureProbe. Portable, accurate and easy to use, the TH150 is intendedfor use in golf course or sports turf management, irrigationscheduling, or for landscape and greenhouse applications. It is designed for determining watercontent in soils of all types, even in dry conditions, and has built-in calibrations for mineral or organic soils. With the press of a button, instantly display soil water content as a decimal or percentage value.

A Remote for Wherever You Roam

Hunter’s latest product, the Roam XL, is a long-distance remote designed to let professionalscommunicate with multiple controllers from up to two miles away. It features a simpleuser interface with 128 different programmableaddresses, and is sturdier and more water resistant than past models. The compact, high-powered remote is a singleunit that can be carried and used to remotely access any Hunter controller that has a SmartPort connector.

Shaw Sports Turf Launches New Fiber

Shaw Sports Turf, a division of Shaw Industries, has announced the launch of Bolt, its newest fiber innovation featuring a cutting-edge shape designed for increased performance and durability. Engineered for multipurpose sports surfaces, Bolt features a patent-pending, lightning bolt-shaped fiber, creating a strong vertical axis that causes the fibers to stand upright for greater resiliency and increased durability. The unique cross section features curved angles reflecting light for lower luster and a more natural looking field. The new Bolt fiber will be offered as part of the PowerBlade family of monofilament turf systems.