Carry On

Redexim North America now offers a new independent power unit called The Carrier. It is a short, three-wheeled, self-propelled power unit that features hydrostatic drive and 32 hp, 540 rpm rear PTO. The Carrier can be fitted with multiple attachments, including a Verti-Drain aerator that provides 6-inch depth, a verticut unit, a topdresser and several seeder attachments. Large turf tires provide traction and keep ground compaction to a minimum even when fully loaded.

Heavy-Duty Drag Mat

Earth & Turf Products announced its Heavy-Duty Rubber Drag Mat, great for breaking up debris after core aeration and leveling fields after topdressing. Made of recycled rubber, the mats measure 6 feet by 6 feet and are .75 inch thick. A durable hitch system sandwiches rubber between two heavy steel plates using 7/16-inch bolts. The total weight of each mat is 133 pounds.

Biorational Plant Protection

United Turf Alliance offers its first biorational plant protection product, ArmorTech Sonnet biological fungicide. The wettable powder formulation contains the patented beneficial bacteria Bacillus subtilis strain QST 713, which produces natural lipopeptides capable of stopping existing infections, while simultaneously creating a protective barrier on plant surfaces to prevent intrusion from new pathogens. This multiple mode of action helps manage resistance issues. When tank-mixed with traditional fungicides, OMRI-listed Sonnet enhances control by inflicting damage on disease cell membranes. It promotes plant health and controls diseases such as anthracnose, brown patch, dollar spot, gray leaf spot, powdery mildew and rust.

MAC Aerator

The aeration attachment from MAC Athletics was originally designed to be used with the MAC Machine, but now comes with a three-point hitch for use with other machines. The core aeration tines measure .75 inch by 3 inches and spin independently. They punch holes in a 5-inch square pattern.

Redesigned T3000

Turfco introduced the newly redesigned T3000 spreader and sprayer. It maintains the overall compact design that can fit through a 36-inch gate, while still offering 6 and 9-foot spreading widths. The unit features optional electric start, 16-amp charging system and cruise control. A new variable-speed diaphragm pump has Viton valves for extended life and minimized maintenance. The high-pressure, high-velocity system creates larger droplets with less drift. An improved spinner design is easier to maintain and lasts longer.

Cord & Cable Storage

Reelcraft’s expanded Series 30000 line includes cable storage reels and live power cord reels. The reels are designed to handle long lengths of 10/3, 12/3 and 16/3 cable. Choose from bevel-crank, hand-crank or electric motor-driven rewind. The reels are made of heavy-gauge steel and assembled with vibration-proof, self-locking fasteners. They undergo a five-stage cleaning process and are individually powder-coated.

Stop Skipping

Newstripe’s NewLiner HD 50 and HD 100 baseball field chalk machines now feature a dual-front-wheel drive that eliminates the skipping that single-wheel drive units encounter with uneven surfaces. The new drive keeps distributing chalk even when one wheel encounters a low spot. The result is a constant flow of chalk for more consistent lines. The dual drive also guides the machine on a straight path. The 50 and 100-pound machines produce both 2 and 4-inch-wide lines and also feature a new rod hinge on the lid, sight window to see the chalk as it drops, 10-inch pneumatic tires and dual handles for better control.

New Controllers

Rain Bird now offers two new ESP-LX Series controllers. Both the traditionally wired ESP-LXME and the two-wire decoder-based ESP-LXD combine modularity with advanced water management and Extra Simple Programming. Rain Bird’s Cycle+Soak is standard, and optional features include the ET Manager Cartridge and IQ v2.0 NCC Communications Cartridge. Optional accessories for the ESP-LXME include Station Modules and a Flow Smart Module. The ESP-LXD can be equipped with a Station Module, PBC Programming Backup Cartridge and Bar Code Scanner Pen.