Seven-Gang Mower

Jacobsen introduces the AR722T seven-gang contour rotary mower, designed for sports field maintenance. The AR722T features a rugged and reliable 65.2 hp Kubota turbo-charged diesel engine and is equipped with the SureTrac parallel-cross-series traction system. A joystick-controlled hydraulic deck lift system allows the AR722T to mow with five, six or seven decks, and the TrimTek decks feature a downdraft blade for mulching.

Wireless Temperature System

The new SapIP-IRT wireless infrared temperature system from Dynamax, Inc. is the latest development in IR leaf temperature sensing for use in irrigation scheduling and plant stress detection. This new system allows for small IRT nodes to be distributed up to 1,600 feet apart throughout a field, and data to be collected with a single wireless modem. Data is then displayed and graphed on a website where data files can also be downloaded to your PC.

Multi-Action Insect Control

New from FMC Professional Solutions, Triple Crown T&O is a multiple action insecticide providing broad-spectrum control of more than 30 turf and ornamental pests. Triple Crown is a three-way combination of FMC bifenthrin, FMC zeta-cypermethrin and imidacloprid, offering multiple modes of action on pests including ants, fire ants, grubs (masked chafer, European chafer and Japanese beetle), chinch bugs, annual bluegrass weevils, ticks, mites, billbugs, mole crickets and more.

Aerate Like a Pro

TurfTime Equipment’s Pro-Aerators feature steel construction and greaseable bearings on a 1-inch-diameter shaft. The Pro-Aerator comes in widths from 42 to 105 inches and is operated behind a 20 to 35 hp tractor. Coring spoons can be expected to reach a depth of 4 inches, depending of soil conditions. Independently mounted spoon wheels allow easier turning and minimize turf damage.

High Schools Can Go Pro

American Press Box in partnership with Lamar Advertising is offering refurbished video scoreboards to small colleges and high schools throughout the country. These 11-by-22-foot, large-format screens are perfect for high school and small college athletic complexes. They offer the same quality as a new screen and are designed to operate 24/7 365 days a year for 10 years.