Brush It Off

Ariens Company introduces the Hydro Brush 36, the newest addition to the Power Brush line. The Hydro Brush is an all-season machine capable of moving snow, sand, dirt and gravel. The new Hydro Brush 36 features a Hydro-Gear RT-210 hydrostatic transmission engineered in partnership with Hydro-Gear. Speed can be adjusted while the power brush is still moving, eliminating jumping or lurching with speed changes. The Hydro drive system’s synthetic oil will not break down like conventional oils.

New Mower Model

New from Jacobsen, the AR522 contour rotary mower. The new mower is an update of the previous Jacobsen AR-522 and is designed to maintain intermediate golf roughs; green and tee surrounds; and sports and recreation fields. The new AR522 five-gang rotary mower is equipped with SureTrac four-wheel drive traction and weight transfer control, allowing it to glide over ground contours and climb hills. The AR522 is equipped with Jacobsen’s exclusive TrimTek decks that feature a downdraft blade for mulching capabilities. The decks’ three-tiered opening distributes clippings evenly for an attractive after-cut appearance.

Add Flex Fuel to Your Fleet

John Deere is expanding its line of ZTrak mowers by adding a Flex Fuel model to its fleet. The new Z925M Flex Fuel is compatible with ethanol blends up to E85. The new model is part of the M Series of ZTrak commercial mowers. With a 24.6 hp electronic fuel-injected engine, the Z925M Flex Fuel has a top speed of 10 mph. Offered in 54 and 60-inch widths, it comes equipped with a durable 7-Iron deck.

Convertible Spreader

EarthWay has added Flex-Select Series spreaders in two new hopper sizes and three different broadcast application configurations to its lineup of commercial and professional spreaders. The new models feature interchangeable shut-off trays that can convert the spreader from the EarthWay EV-N-SPRED, capable of spreading all fertilizers, to the EarthWay High-Output rock salt spreader, or to a low application rate chemical spreader.

New Equipment Available From Seago

Seago International has been named the exclusive distributor for the Americas for BowDry and Hover Trimmer. The BowDry machine, manufactured by Bowcom in the United Kingdom, is a walk-behind water-removing machine. The BowDry features a rear-collection area and transport wheels.

The Hover Trimmer, manufactured by Autolawnmow of Ireland, is a blade and hood attachment that will fit most string trimmers There are two sizes of Hover Trimmer, the HT-300, designed for machines with a 30cc engine or larger, and the HT-200, designed for smaller than 30cc trimmers.