A New Advantage

TurfTime Equipment has added the TT-1000 to its Advantage line of topdressers. The 1-cubic-yard galvanized steel hopper can be heaped to 1.5 cubic yards, or enhanced to 2.5 cubic yards with optional 12-inch sides when spreading compost. It is powered by tractor hydraulics, PTO or a 13 hp engine. Remote controls adjust the belt and spinners for up to 30 feet of coverage.


Cutting-Edge Grass

Cutting Edge grass seed by Sustainable Low Maintenance Grass is a blend of eight cultivars, including Kentucky bluegrass. It can establish a root system up to 48 inches deep, resulting in durable, drought-tolerant, and disease and insect-resistant turf. It will grow to a dwarf height, requires less mowing and is resistant to gray leaf spot. Cutting Edge will thrive in difficult areas, including hills, shade, sandy soil and areas with high salt content.


Mega Twister

The Mega Twister leaf blower from Wiedenmann is designed for tractors with at least 45 hp. The blowing unit can swivel 270 degrees. The nozzle can be set vertically, so the airstream can be adjusted to the prevailing conditions. The large support wheels float with the undulations of the ground. The quiet machine has an overrunning clutch in the drivetrain. Air injection reduction covers for closing the air supply in order to reduce power requirements and allow the adaptation of small tractors. The discharge chute can be adjusted manually or with an optional hydraulic cylinder or electric actuator.


Four-Sided Pitching Rubber

Beacon Athletics introduced a four-sided pitching rubber that weighs over 40 pounds. Thicker rubber does not allow the front and back sides to move up when tamping the clay around the pitching rubber. The improved quality means all four sides of the rubber can be used. Save on installation labor and product replacements.


Portable Irrigation

Cadman Power Equipment now offers the model 1500 portable irrigation traveler. Neither a gas engine nor a pressure-consuming turbine is required for sprinkler retraction. Two batteries and a plug-in charger are standard equipment. The Cadman 1500 can also be ordered with a solar panel to keep the battery charged. It incorporates the sleek unibody design of the smaller 1100 and 1250 models.


Here’s a Tip

Titan now offers the SC-6+ airless paint spray tip. The tip’s fan pattern starts wider and stays wider than its predecessors, the Titan SC-6 and Performer tips. It is designed with a long-lasting orifice that increases efficiency throughout the life of the tip. It fits most industry standard spray gun guards.


FieldLazer Line

Graco launched its FieldLazer line, a complete family of field marking equipment. The FieldLazer G400 striper is an all-in-one, stand-on, self-propelled field marker. It features a shock-absorbing platform and Smooth Ride turf-ready tires. It also offers self-centering steering, electronic gun trigger, Auto-Layout System and automatic dashed line. The FieldLazer line also includes the S100 and S200 walk-behind models and the ride-on R300. The S100 and S200 have easy-to-reach handlebar controls. The R300 features the LineDriver HD driving system, 15-gallon paint hopper and centerline hitch pivot feature.


Rotary Mower

The Masport Rotarola from Seago International is a walk-behind rotary mower with a rear roller in place of rear wheels for a dramatic stripe. It has a 20-inch aluminum deck with single-handle height-of-cut adjustment from .5 to 2.75 inches. The self-propelled mower is powered by a Briggs & Stratton 850 Professional Series engine and has a commercial-grade gearbox for smooth operation and durability. It also features adjustable wheel bearings and an ergonomic, padded handle.