Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

Redexim North America’s new Verti-Drain Bullet has working widths of 60 and 80 inches and can be used with tractors from 35 to 50 hp. The aerator has working speeds near 3 mph for a high production capacity. All models are equipped with maintenance-free, self-lubricated, sealed bearings on all pivot points, three-speed gearbox and patented parallelogram action. These units penetrate 9 inches into the soil, with depth adjustments made from the tractor seat, as adjustments of the front and rear rollers are done hydraulically.

Synthetic Turf Repair Solution

Engineered Sportfield Solutions now offers the latest solution in synthetic turf repairs. Seamlok 420C repair adhesives are eco-friendly solutions tested and proven to be effective for permanent synthetic turf repairs. The nonhazardous, two-part polyurethane adhesive has been designed using mix-on-demand technology, dispensing the exact ratio of components to achieve superior bonding with no waste. The system is designed for ease of installation, so anyone can perform a simple turf repair in minutes.

Go With the Flow

Kochek introduced the Fixed Gallonage Nozzle System NZ036 and Fixed Gallonage Nozzle Tips NZ036. The constant-flow nozzle tips utilize Kochek’s “Multi-Mist” technology and conical turbulence fire technology. Advanced flow censoring provides accuracy of GPM output at 100 PSI. The Kochek “Fixed Tips” with full flow misting will output flow rates of 15, 25, 35 and 55 GPM. The NZ036 system is sold as a kit with interchangeable tips, including a valve and adapter for versatility. Tips and valve bodies are also sold individually.

Precision Seeding

RotaDairon SMC seeders, available from STEC Equipment, feature a new peg wheel system, allowing them to precisely distribute seeds of any size. This high precision is based on the volumetric adjustment of the peg wheels, which are ground-driven and distribute according to forward speed. This results in seed savings and higher germination rates with less waste. Innovative design features include a protection grid, seed valve agitator and dividing plates, all easily removable for cleaning the seed hopper. Seed calibration can be done quickly with a hand-adjustable and measurable calibration system. Seeders come in many working widths with slit, culti-pack and spike roller options.

Gang Mowers

CS Trading now offers Dennis mowers, including the Dennis gang mower. Built of steel and iron, the mower’s weight provides a quality cut without bouncing. For a positive drive to the cylinders, the mowers have cast-iron wheels and ribbed tires. The tow frame assembly is easy to dismantle for storage. Free-wheel reverse ensures safe transport. The units come with a ball or jaw hitch and offer a cutting width of 69 inches.

Find Fuel Savings

The new John Deere ZTrak PRO Z925 with Electronic Fuel Injection can provide up to 25 percent fuel savings. The closed-loop fuel injection system constantly monitors engine performance. Fuel injectors respond to the load on the engine with the right amount of fuel, delivering maximum fuel efficiency for the conditions. The 27 hp engine includes a Tuff Torq integrated transmission featuring 13cc piston-style pumps and 13cc wheel motors. A cross-porting system routes the coolest hydraulic fluid to the hydraulic pump doing the most work. The Z925 EFI offers a 54 or 60-inch, 7-Iron PRO mowing deck, Brake & Go starting system and Height-of-Cut Adjustment system.