Updated Thatch Master

TurfTime Equipment has released an updated Thatch Master designed for convenience and flexibility. Flip-down stands facilitate adjustments at the shop, rather than on the field. Alternate hitch attachment hole patterns add stability on flat or undulating surfaces. Optional weights improve continuous ground contact in tough conditions or faster operating speeds.


Tri-Deck Mower

Progressive Turf Equipment plans to release a new addition to its roller mower lineup in mid-2013. The TDR-30 is a tri-deck mower featuring a flex-deck design that tracks contours better. Available with painted or galvanized deck configurations, it has a cutting width of 29.5 feet. The inclusion of maintenance-free blade spindles, extended PTO shaft greasing intervals and fewer grease fittings mean less time spent on maintenance. Pivot bushings can be replaced easily. It operates on 85 to 130 PTO hp and can cut up to 26.8 acres per hour at 7.5 mph. It has a transport width of 9 feet and weighs 7,700 pounds. Independent suspension on the transport wheels provides for smoother transport.


On the Verge

FMC Professional Solutions introduced Talstar XTRA granular insecticide featuring Verge Granule Technology. Verge’s performance benefits include a more uniform product distribution and less dust. The clay-based granule breaks down quickly to release the active ingredient and disappear into the landscape. Virtually dust and odor-free, the new formulation is better for the applicator, since it reduces exposure during application. Combining the proven molecule in Talstar with the fast-acting zeta-cypermethrin, Talstar XTRA acts fast (as quickly as 15 minutes on fire ants) and offers a residual of at least three months. It is labeled for a broad spectrum of surface-feeding pests, including fire ants, Caribbean crazy ants, billbugs, chinch bugs, earwigs, scorpions, fleas and ticks.


Rotary Cutters

Land Pride’s new RCF30 Series and RCF36 Series Rotary Cutters are available in 96-inch or 10-foot cutting widths. Both series offer three-point, pull-type and semi-mount models, blade tip speeds exceeding 17,000 fpm, 10-gauge decks with .25-inch side skirts, and optional front and rear guarding. The RCF30 medium-duty cutter is designed for tractors up to 110 hp and features a 2.5-inch cutting capacity, multiple tire options and gearboxes rated to 160 hp. The heavy-duty RCF36 is intended for tractors up to 120 hp and boasts a 3-inch cutting capacity, 13-inch deck height and gearboxes rated to 210 hp.


Redesigned Drag King

The redesigned Drag King infield drag from Newstripe features a 48-inch-wide cutting path and may be pulled with garden tractors, ATVs or light utility vehicles. Three sections allow scarifying, leveling and a final drag in a single pass with debris basket. The new scarifier design has increased cutting action to address hard-packed surfaces and simply flips over for transport or to level and finish without scarifying. A new blade position on the center section improves leveling of base paths.


ZSR Mower

Lastec introduced a new Zero Steering Radius (ZSR) control system. The new Model 4520ZSR is controlled by a steering wheel and delivers full-time, four-wheel control and zero-turn maneuverability. The new ZSR mower’s steering is controlled by a conventional steering wheel and speed is controlled with foot pedals. All four wheels are synchronized so that each contributes equally to the control of the mower. Featuring a 45 hp diesel engine, the mower improves stability on slopes and reduces mowing times. It also has belt-driven articulating cutting decks, full running lights, all-weather cab options, a full instrument panel, 12-volt power outlets and easy operator access to all controls. A conventional wand steering model is also available.