One-Step Renovation

The turfplaner, new from g2 turftools, is an 84-inch device that uses dual proportional lasers and/or the patent-pending auto-grade technology to remove surface irregularities of existing turf in a single pass. The turfplaner takes the place of the multistep process of conventional athletic field renovations. It is a simple, one-step process that is cost-effective, saves time and allows for minimal grow-in.

Mow Before Lining

Bannerman’s Pre-Line Mower allows users to save up to 50 percent of wet lining paints and dry lining materials by pre-mowing the boundary and foul lines to a recommended height of 1 inch or lower prior to lining sports fields. The open side guards allow clippings to be spread evenly to either side, leaving a clear path to accept lining materials. All wheels are within the 12-inch width of cut and leave no wheel marks on the grass-covered area. It is powered by a four-cycle, 148cc Briggs & Stratton engine and equipped with a safety blade brake with operator presence control lever.

Biobased Product

Growth Products announced that the U.S. Department of Agriculture awarded Essential Plus 1-0-1 the right to bear the Biobased product label. This label assures consumers that the amount of biological ingredients listed on the product label is accurate and backed by the USDA and the federal government. Essential Plus 1-0-1 is an organic soil amendment and natural root stimulant for all plants and soils. It received the Biobased label as a spray adjuvant. As an adjuvant, it improves the efficiency and effectiveness of herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers when tank-mixed with these materials. An easy-to-use liquid, Essential Plus also promotes healthy growth in turfgrasses, ornamentals, trees and bedding plants, plus it adds vital organic matter to depleted soils.

Under Pressure

Rain Bird’s new RD1800 Series spray heads feature a co-molded, pressure-activated Triple-Blade Wiper Seal to ensure a positive seal without excess “flow-by.” The seal enables more heads to be installed on the same valve while optimizing performance and durability at pop-up and retraction. It can handle operating pressures from 15 to 100 PSI. The RD1800 includes patent-pending Flow-Shield technology. When a nozzle is removed, this feature reduces the amount of water flowing through the stem by up to 90 percent compared to an average spray and up to 50 percent when compared to a typical pressure-regulating spray. It is constructed of UV-resistant plastic and corrosion-resistant stainless steel parts.

Liquid WingMan Formulation

Phoenix Environmental Care added a new liquid formulation of WingMan to its fungicide lineup. WingMan 4L contains 4 pounds of mancozeb per gallon and is formulated with the proprietary Everfast technology. Ideal for resistance management, WingMan 4L is compatible with other turf fungicides from Phoenix. It provides quick knockdown plus contact/protective control of a wide range of turf diseases, including brown patch, dollar spot, melting out, leaf spot, leaf rust, pythium, stem rust, stripe rust, fusarium blight, red thread, slime mold, algae and fusarium snow mold. The Class M-3 fungicide has multisite activity, reducing the possibility of fungicide resistance.

Total Solution

Underhill International introduced ready-to-install M-160 Total Solutions Kits for synthetic sports field irrigation. They include complete AutoCad irrigation system illustrations and key irrigation components in one package. Designers can plug the AutoCad drawings into a field layout, while contractors have a ready-to-install mechanical system with site-specific products and schematics. The kits include the M-160 long-throw sprinkler, 3-inch electric sleeve valve, stainless steel Turf Box enclosure, ductile iron swing joints, all required fittings and assemblies, and 3, 4 or 6-inch deep lateral with isolation valve configurations available. The sprinkler covers up to 174 feet and provides a cleaning and cooling solution for synthetic turf.