Versatile Reel Units

CS Trading offers Advanced Turf Technology TM SMARTCut reel units. They can be fitted to Toro, John Deere or Jacobsen mowers with only a minor adaptation. The TM SMARTCut offers ease of maintenance and seven or 11 boron blades. The bedknife adjusts incrementally to a fixed position reel to achieve a consistent, quality cut. It allows a cutting height range of .06 inch to 1 inch. Options include a powered rear roller brush and groomer with fully sealed gearbox. SMARTCut is part of the ATT TMSystem turf maintenance cassette system.

Triple Play Template

The Beacon Athletics Triple Play batter’s box template features all sizes in one template. The durable, lightweight PVC template provides the outline for all three sizes of batter’s boxes: 3 feet by 6 feet for youth baseball, 4 feet by 6 feet for baseball and 3 feet by 7 feet for softball. Simply align it with home plate and scribe the outline of the box needed. Then use a field chalker to create the finished batter’s boxes.

Flail Mower

FM21 Series flail mowers, new from Land Pride, work well for schools and other recreational areas when people may be present. It features a 1-inch cutting capacity, cutting heights from .75 to 4 inches, duck foot-type knives for an even cut and a two-position hitch for offsetting the mower, enabling closer cutting along buildings, fences or roadsides. Tapered ends on the rear roller prevent gouging during tight turns. The rotor works in the opposite direction of travel, so the cut grass is brought up and over the rotor.

New Topdresser

The Turfco CR-7 topdresser and material handler uses Turfco’s patented WideSpin technology, providing accurate spread from light to heavy and patterns as wide as 40 feet. An adjustable spinner angle allows operators to drive topdressing into the turf for better integration, with a total range of 26 degrees up and down. The self-cleaning galvanized hopper has a capacity of 1.8 cubic yards. The optional rear-mounted cross-conveyor swivels 180 degrees. With a four-wheel walking high-beam suspension, the CR-7 handles 7 GPM of virtually any type of wet or dry material. It also offers an optional trench-filling attachment.

Speedy Seeding

Redexim North America has introduced two new models of its dimpled seeder, the SpeedSeed 2100 and 2400. With operating speeds up to 7.5 mph, the redesigned models are equipped with individual cast spiker rings that enable the operator to make turns while in operation. The V-shaped spikes produce holes that funnel the randomly dispersed seed, concentrating them at the proper depth for best germination. The new high-volume seed box uses a proven roller design with quick-change gears, allowing the machine an infinite range of feed rates with all types of seed. Finishing up is a large roller that can be equipped with a second set of spiker rings, followed by the rear brush.

Get Reel

Jacobsen introduced the Classic XP 15-blade reel, designed for the Eclipse 100 walk-behind and Eclipse 322 ride-on mowers. By using the new reel, the desired frequency of clip and reel speed can be maintained, while operating mow speed can be increased up to 36 percent, substantially increasing productivity. The additional blades provide a tighter FOC, reducing stragglers and yielding a smoother surface. Classic XP reels stay true and maintain consistent rotation within their center point. They also feature Advanced Relief Technology with 45-degree relief, which delivers less wear and abrasion.

A Solid Base

UltraBaseSystems from Innovative Base Technologies is an interlocking panel structure. It reduces the need for extensive ground preparation and labor while creating a solid structure underfoot capable of delivering superior vertical and horizontal drainage while maintaining athlete performance and improving safety. The solid, interlocking base structure will not move and allows for the installation of synthetic turf in virtually any location or climate. It replicates the feel of a natural grass field while delivering superior g-max, HIC and Drainage Flow numbers. It also reduces the need for excessive turf pile height and infill quantities, with no negative effect on athletic performance. The panels will not harden with age.