SprinklerMaps Software

SprinklerMaps precision mapping software from Groundskeeper Tech gives users the ability to plot their irrigation and utility systems with pinpoint precision on a live satellite map, transforming an iPad into a practical landscape management tool. Additional features include a square footage estimator, Sprinkler Radius Viewer, GPM tallies and the ability to flag markers for repair.


Masport’s Newest Mower

The new M800 Utility mower from Masport is a 21-inch, walk-behind push mower powered by a 1900cc Briggs and Stratton motor from their commercial 850 Series. Single-handle height-of-cut adjustment between 1 to 4 inches and adjustable bearings on all wheels provide easy operation. The deck is constructed of 12-gauge steel.


Go Away, Geese!

FlightControl Plus from Arkion Life Sciences is a spray-on goose repellant that is odorless, waterproof, and does not harm humans, vegetation or wildlife. It uses a naturally occurring, environmentally safe compound called anthranquinone. When sprayed on turf, the compound absorbs ultraviolet light, sending a visual signal to the geese that something is wrong with their food. When the geese sample treated turf they experience a harmless, but effective, digestive irritation.



BOB-CAT introduces its new 12-bushel BOSS-Vac Pro collection systems, which fit both the BOB-CAT ProCat and Predator-Pro mowers. A new front counterweight system uses easy-to-handle suitcase weights. The design puts the weight where it is most effective without blocking the operator’s sight line to the front of the deck. The Dump From Seat system features a patent-pending double-hinge lift-pivot-dump system that lets the operator get within inches of an obstacle and still be able to empty the hopper.


Poa a Problem?

XONERATE 70 WDG (amicarbazone) from Aysta LifeScience is a postemergent herbicide designed to eliminate Poa annua. XONERATE contains 70 percent amicarbazone in a water-dispersible granule formulation. It’s absorbed by leaves and roots and inhibits photosynthesis in sensitive plants by interfering with normal electron transport. XONERATE can be applied up to three times at a rate of 1 ounce per acre, plus Tenacity (mesotrione), 4 ounces per acre, plus a surfactant for cool-season turf.


Silverback System

Controlled Products announces the launch of Silverback, the first polyurethane coating system designed specifically for synthetic turf. The system provides a strong and dependable way to apply a backing system that increases strength. Silverback coating can be found on all of the Controlled Products family of brands.


Spray Away

The US250 sprayer from TurfEx features a universal mount that allows it to attach to the front of most available zero-turn mowers. It comes with an adjustable spray wand, which is attached to 25 feet of hose. Options include a 48-inch, front-mounted boom and a boomless spray head.