Spill Containment

IFH Group’s Fluid Storage & Dispensing Systems incorporate Spill Containment Systems that prevent costly and time-consuming cleanups, make fluid dispensing easier, and keep the systems in compliance with EPA regulations. All of the 21 IFH standard centralized systems are equipped with a drip pan, making dispensing of fluids into containers from self-closing faucets quick, easy and spill-free. For all two, three and four-container systems with outboard console mounting, a spill containment pan is also provided at the base of the system that will collect any and all accidental spills. The spill containment pans are available on new models and as retrofits on existing in-the-field units.


Enkadrain for Synthetic Turf

Colbond now offers the Enkadrain ShockPad for synthetic turf playing fields. It is engineered with a specially formulated polymer core providing energy restitution and shock absorption. This drainage composite consists of a polypropylene drainage core of fused, entangled filaments and a geocomposite fabric bonded to each side. The entangled filaments are molded into a pyramid that maintains the flexible design of other Enkadrain products. The second fabric eliminates the need for a filter fabric and stops penetration and migration of soil fines. The polypropylene formula resists organic solvents, degreasing agents, acids and alkalines. The drain/shock pad combination rolls out quickly and easily, covering the entire field under the turf layer. The meter-wide rolls have a 3-inch fabric overlap on both sides.


PathPro for John Deere UTVs

Curtis Industries LLC has unveiled the newest addition to the PathPro line of cab enclosure systems for the John Deere HPX/XUV series of utility vehicles. The steel cab enclosure mounts directly to the vehicle’s factory OPS without the need for additional equipment. It offers improved ventilation with the use of wide, dual sliding windows in both the doors and rear panel, providing maximum airflow from all angles. The flexible flow-through ventilation keeps the interior of the cab cool and comfortable in all seasons. The windshield is manufactured with double-strength, reinforced, laminated glass and meets DOT safety recommendations. The windshield offers a locking, venting position and includes a heavy-duty 12-volt wiper. The cab is available with or without doors.


Corrosion-Resistant Handrail System

Interna-Rail from Hollaender Mfg. is an in-line, fitting-based handrail system designed to combine the clean look of welded rail with the benefits of a mechanical system. Interna-Rail systems can be designed to meet any building code. The railing system frame is manufactured with 6005A-T5 aluminum alloy and anodized to architectural Class 1 standards, ensuring maximum corrosion resistance. Steel infill panels installed with the systems are coated using Hollaender’s two-coat process, with a primer layer of Powercron 8000 electrocoat and a top layer of AAMA 2604 TGIC polyester powder-coat.


Protective Enclosures

Underhill now offers a line of customized protective enclosures for the Sapien two-wire controller. They are available in heavy-duty plastic or stainless steel as wall mounts or pedestal-style. The plastic wall-mount cabinet has a lockable front entry door and measures 11.5 inches high by 9.25 inches wide by 5.5 inches deep. Mounting plate and hardware are included. Heavy-duty stainless steel options include a front-entry cabinet with integral lock and key. The cabinet measures 15.25 inches high by 12.75 inches wide by 4.75 inches deep and includes controller/transformer mounting hardware. Underhill’s stainless steel top-entry pedestal version includes a removable front door for easy controller installation and access to other components. The pedestal measures 39 inches high by 16.5 inches wide by 17.5 inches deep.


MetPak Pro

The MetPak Pro from Dynamax is a compact, lightweight, multisensor instrument that measures wind speed and direction, relative humidity, air temperature, barometric pressure and dew point, all in one system. The integral Gill sonic anemometer requires no maintenance or calibration, and is good for wind speeds up to 134 mph, but is especially good for very slow wind movement (.02 mph). The RH and temperature sensors are industry standard and housed in a radiation shield. The MetPak has a serial data output and can be easily connected to most data loggers to create a complete research-grade weather station. WindView software is included with the MetPak for graphical display of all the weather parameters.