Treat Your Engines Right

Briggs & Stratton Advanced Formula Fuel Treatment & Stabilizer protects any gas engine, including two-cycle engines that use a blend of oil and gasoline, such as string trimmers. It is aimed at stopping the harmful effects associated with ethanol blends. The product combines a triple antioxidant formula with additional ingredients to protect the entire fuel system, fighting the harmful effects of water separation. Corrosion inhibitors form a protective barrier on metal parts to prevent rust and corrosion, while detergent ingredients help prevent gum and varnish buildup on engine parts. A metal deactivator works to stop the chemical reactions caused by dissolved metal ions in the fuel.

Next-Generation Zero-Turns

The TANK SZ from Cub Cadet features four-wheel steering technology to provide maneuverability, turf protection and traction. The TANK LZ has a lap bar system that allows for a full range of adjustability and rider egress regardless of position. The sloped-nose deck design system includes a reinforced pulley, belt and drive system, smooth arc overlapping blades, and a high-velocity airflow dispersion design. The Extreme Duty Rail Frame is a full-length, beam rail system that delivers strength and stability. Other features include a 14cc TorquePack drive system, EVC seating system, intuitive controls, power steering, tool-free adjustability of lap bar controls and tilt capability on steering wheel column.

WorkPro Cab

Curtis Industries has added a new cab system for the John Deere 1000 Series compact tractors. It offers the most legroom in the WorkPro series. The soft-sided edition offers steel-framed, vinyl-covered soft doors with a clear vinyl snap-in rear curtain. The hard-sided version has hard doors with deluxe sliding windows and wiper-ready glass rear panel. Both versions come standard with pin-hinged doors for easy removal in minutes and locking outside handles. The cabs measure 61 inches in height from the floorboard. The windshield is made of molded, tempered safety glass with internal latches to allow ventilation. A 12-volt electric wiper is standard.

Transform Your Field

Salsco introduced the Tranz-Former for rolling sports fields. It has a 114-inch effective rolling width and a transport speed of 11 mph. Three 40-inch rolls float independently of the car body. Because all the rolls are independent, the machine can turn easily without leaving any marks. The machine is lightweight, so it will not compact the surface. If more weight is required, operators can add water to the rolls.

Solar Power

Hunter has developed a Solar Panel accessory for two of its battery-operated controllers. It provides maintenance-free operation by harnessing the sun’s energy to continuously power the controller. Once connected, the Solar Panel supplies 100 percent of the controllers’ power and eliminates the need for battery replacements. The Solar Panel is compatible with four, six, eight, 10 and 12-station XC Hybrid models. For at-the-valve placement, the Solar Panel is also compatible with the Node controller. While the Node is placed within the valve box, the Solar Panel is installed outside the box in an area with high exposure to sunlight. Node offers one, two, four and six-station control.