Take Advantage

The Advantage 3050 topdresser by TurfTime Equipment spreads wet or dry materials in less time and with less soil compaction. The even, 50-foot wide spread pattern allows topdressing with fewer passes, reducing repeated impact of the topdresser and tractor. Four wide Galaxy turf tires provide a light footprint. The 8-foot hopper holds 5 cubic yards level or 6.5 cubic yards heaped. The 3050 also features a wide belt and large spinners for higher throughput.


Foundation Mats

MarkSmart porous foundation mats from Markers control dig-in depth at either the batter’s box or pitcher’s mound. Made with recycled rubber tires, the mats can be buried 3 to 4 inches below field grade to eliminate deep holes on the field and resultant puddling after rainstorms. The mats improve player footing and reduce field maintenance costs. The pads are 32 by 40 inches and can be ganged vertically or horizontally to protect baseball and softball field areas, from Little League to collegiate levels.


Precise Stripers

Titan Speeflo launched two new line stripers, the PowrLiner 550 and PowrLiner 850. The units are built for precise, consistent line striping without fuzzy, uneven lines. The 850 features a removable gun for stenciling and general painting needs. It also has a Direct Link Pressure Control for adjusting pressure from 200 to 3,000 PSI. The collapsible cart allows for easy storage and transport. The front wheel caster locks straight or allows free wheel motion for better control. The maximum tip size is .021 inch. The units are powered by a 37.7cc, four-stroke engine.


In-Line Pellet Pro

Underhill’s Pellet Pro wetting agent applicators now feature a new in-line option for more efficient operation. The in-line applicators can be connected directly to a water source, such as a quick coupler or Underhill HoseTap, taking the weight off the hand-held nozzle for more comfortable and consistent applications. Pellet Pro applies wetting agents over large turf areas at up to 48 GPM. It accepts all wetting agent tablets and provides a powerful, yet ultra-soft spray. The Precision Cloudburst nozzle applies droplets in a broad fan pattern. In-line applicator models are available in .75-inch FHT inlet/.75-inch MHT outlet or 1-inch FHT/1-inch MHT outlets.


Versatile Outdoor Adhesive

NORDOT Adhesive #34P-4 from Synthetic Surfaces is a one-component outdoor adhesive that was designed to install and/or repair synthetic turf and other outdoor surfaces in widely variable and sometimes hostile weather conditions. It can be applied to a dry or damp surface at any outdoor temperature and humidity level in which a mechanic can work. It is particularly useful in cold weather. After curing, it has outstanding durability both above- ground and underwater.


Frontier Grinders

John Deere Golf launched a new family of reel and bedknife grinders under the Frontier Equipment brand name. The BG1000 manual bedknife grinder features a fixed grinding stone and rigid mounting system. The BG1500 semiautomatic bedknife grinder has an integrated traverse sensor system and standard Borazon stone. The RG5000 manual spin and relief reel grinder offers a rigid mounting system and grinding carriage, paired with a positive rail alignment system to eliminate cone-shaped reels. The RG5500 semiautomatic spin and relief reel grinder features an integrated traverse sensor system, digital gauge alignment system and optional Platform Lift System.