Synthetic Sweeper

The NTS Synthetic Sweeper from STEC sweeps and cleans synthetic surfaces. With a PTO-driven brush, it lifts and screens infill, removing unwanted trash and debris. The brush operates at low revolutions, protecting the fibers from wear. With a weight of 485 pounds, there is minimal impact on the subbase. Because the unit rests between two rollers, the working depth can be adjusted quickly, for either regular maintenance or deep cleaning.

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On the Verge

FMC Professional Solutions’ Talstar EZ Granular insecticide is now available with Verge granular technology. It yields a more uniform distribution of the granules during application, plus other benefits that make it better for the applicator. A unique, clay-based granule, Verge breaks down quickly to release the active ingredient and disappear into the landscape. Virtually dust and odor-free, the new formulation reduces exposure during application. Talstar EZ provides long-lasting control of surface-feeding pests such as ants, billbugs, chinch bugs, fleas and ticks. The non-staining product comes in 25-pound resealable bags.

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Ride and Stripe

The NewRider 5000 HPA from Newstripe is an airless, ride-on striping machine for marking athletic fields. Featuring front-wheel drive with rear steering, it can quickly spray straight, bright-looking lines on multiple fields with the 50-gallon tank. The pump adjusts from 0 to 3,000 PSI. An onboard 2.5-gallon purge tank eliminates clogged spray tips and paint lines. It also features a hydrostatic drive, 14 hp Subaru engine, electric start, high-back seat and removable gun with 25-foot hose for stencil work.

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Fast Base Installation

Markers, Inc. has developed a new, faster method of installing bases for baseball fields. The preassembled MarkSmart Anchor Foundation offers a no-mess, no-fuss, time-saving way to install bases. The recycled rubber base with metal anchor is ready to install, eliminating several steps in anchoring bases in the ground. The rubber foundation won’t deteriorate like concrete, so it will last for years. They do not have to be removed after the season, but can be relocated should base locations change.

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Bio-Based Lubricant

Stens has expanded its green product lineup with LubriMagic, a bio-based, all-purpose spray lubricant and penetrant. It is safe for outdoor power equipment, automotive and shop uses and will not harm paint, plastic or synthetic rubbers. It is safer and more environmentally friendly than petroleum-based products. LubriMagic is available in a 12-fluid-ounce aerosol can.

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A Touch of Gold

Stabilizer Solutions launched a new engineered soil, Stabilizer Gold Infield Mix. It reduces dust, mud and erosion, keeping infields stable in a variety of weather conditions and allowing for extended play. Comprised of a finely screened local aggregate, silt and clay, the mix is mechanically blended to be uniform throughout the soil profile. It reduces downtime from rain events, manages moisture for easy maintenance and improves any existing infield mix.

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Versatile Applicator

Ecolawn’s topdresser is a multipurpose, self-propelled, motorized applicator built for professionals working in turf care, topdressing and turf renovation. It is versatile and maneuverable, operating even on steep grades. It can spread a variety of materials, including compost, organic matter, fertilizer, lime, calcite clay, pelletized products, sand and salt.

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