Synthetic Turf Groomer

The new BDS Synthetic Groomer from STEC Equipment is a tool that quickly and evenly grooms synthetic surfaces. It features spring-action rake tines and both angled and straight brushes. It works well for quick touch-up grooming or finish grooming after major events. It provides a professionally groomed surface with very little time and effort.

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Turf Tiger Topdresser

Millcreek Mfg. introduced the Turf Tiger, a high-performance, versatile topdresser and spreading machine designed for facilities with limited budgets. The 7,500-pound capacity unit applies a wide variety of topdressing, infield mix and bulk materials, such as compost, wet or dry. It eliminates clogs when spreading wet materials. Three interchangeable attachments are designed to precisely spread bulk materials in a single pass. The patented Saber Tooth beater uses uniquely placed steel plates to manage difficult-to-spread materials, including wet sand, in uniform patterns up to 12 feet wide. The spinner attachment is ideal for thin broadcast applications up to 35 feet wide in a variety of coverage depths, while the 42-inch-wide brush component is suited for precision drop spreading.

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Systemic Insecticide

PBI/Gordon’s new Zylam 20SG is a systemic turf insecticide. The 20 percent soluble granule formulation of dinotefuran provides rapid control of turfgrass insect pests including chinch bugs, cutworms, mole crickets, European crane flies, billbugs and annual bluegrass weevils. It also suppresses white grub larvae. The active ingredient works on insects through contact and ingestion, resulting in the termination of feeding and death. Zylam moves from the soil to the plant and translocates quickly within the vascular tissue of turfgrass. The product is also translaminar, allowing it to move from the upper surfaces of a blade of grass to the underside.

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Easy Edging

New for the Toro Sand Pro 3040 and 5040 infield groomers, the Sport Field Edger attachment is designed to quickly and easily maintain the grass edge of the outfield on baseball and softball fields by removing overgrown turf and infield lip buildup. It can edge a field in less than two hours, saving time and labor. The Sand Pro models offer a rear hydraulic Quick Attach System, enabling operators to change out attachments in less than one minute, with no special tools required.

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Next Generation Blowers

Buffalo Turbine announced the arrival of the Cyclone KB4 debris blower, which replaces the CKB3 model. The KB4 is powered by an electronically governed 27 hp Kohler Command Pro engine. It is constructed of heavy steel, powder-coated for durability, with polycarbonate fenders and an aerospace polymer nozzle that rotates 360 degrees. It offers a weather-resistant, wireless remote control with belt clip. Options include rectangular nozzles, an hour meter, heavy-duty air cleaner and fishtail nozzle.

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Keep Track of Pitches

Nevco has launched two products for baseball. The Pitch Timer for NCAA level enables an umpire to track the time between pitches or the time between innings. It includes a display that shows the elapsed time and is controlled by a wireless hand-held device. It also has a horn to sound the end of the time interval. The Pitch Counter for Little League level uses a similar display and hand-held controller to track the number of pitches thrown by both teams.

Both products can be mounted along with the existing scoreboard or separately, and work with scoreboards from any manufacturer. They will support the MPCX wireless hand-held controller, with a range of up to 1,000 feet, long battery life and intuitive interface.

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