Stay Cool

Functioning as an evaporative cooler, the Monsoon Air Mister offers relief to employees and athletes, plus lowers the canopy temperature of sensitive turf areas at golf courses, stadiums and public parks. Offered by Buffalo Turbine, the Monsoon Air Mister utilizes a proprietary high-speed rotary disc atomizer and can distribute a fine mist of water up to 50 feet. This revolutionary design is lightweight, portable, and requires only a standard 110-volt power source and .75-inch garden hose connection. A portable option includes a 16-gallon tank. Both systems have 180-degree oscillation capabilities.

Comfortable Cab

Curtis Industries has introduced a new commercial-grade Cab System for John Deere Gator XUV and HPX models. This all-steel cab enclosure fits 2013 and prior year models by mounting directly to the vehicle’s factory OPS and provides all-season protection. The Curtis Cab offers improved ventilation with the use of wide, dual sliding windows in both the doors and rear panel. Innovative options for the new cab include a tuck-away heater that is discreetly mounted to provide more legroom and offer multidirectional airflow and flexible outlet options including defrost.

Weed Control Plus Fertilizer

Bayer Environmental Science, a division of Bayer CropScience LP, has launched Specticle plus Fertilizer, an herbicide that provides warm-season turf managers up to eight months of residual control at low use rates. Specticle plus Fertilizer delivers extended residual preemergent control of more than 75 broadleaf and grassy weeds, including annual bluegrass, goosegrass, crabgrass and annual sedge. Available in two different concentrations and a variety of fertilizer blends to provide for increased flexibility

Wireless Weather Station

Schneider Electric introduces the solar-powered MxVision WeatherSentry Local Weather Network. The wireless, field-based weather solution is a professional-grade weather station that monitors and records real-time weather conditions, provides timely weather alerts, and is configured to provide up-to-the-minute forecasts specific to every playing field or athletic facility. Monitoring wet globe temperatures, heat, humidity, wind and rain data specific to the playing field in real-time, the MxVision WeatherSentry can send weather alerts to any mobile device.

A Clean Sweep

SweepEx introduces three walk-behind rotary brooms: Model SWB-320, Model SWB-400 and Model SWB-480. Model SWB-320 is the most compact broom in the line, offering a 32-inch working width, one-speed transmission and highly maneuverable design. Model SWB-400 has a 40-inch working width and additional features, such as a three-speed transmission with reverse, locking differential, multistep brush speed and variable down pressure. Model SWB-480 includes all functionality of the SWB-400, but with a 48-inch working width and infinitely variable brush speed.

State-of-the-Art Soil Surfactant

Vivax, new from Precision Laboratories, is an advanced technology soil surfactant for use on large turf areas like golf course fairways and sports fields. Vivax gives turf managers the ability to optimize hydration and infiltration of water across a wide range of soil and turf types. Its unique, multicomponent formulation promotes initial infiltration into hard-to-wet soils or other hydrophobic barriers and optimizes hydration for thorough distribution of water throughout the soil profile.