A Clean Sweep

Earth & Turf Products introduces the TruFlow 54D-ATS or Artificial Turf Special. This unit can be used to put down crumbed rubber and sweep it into the fiber layers or as a topdresser to add crumbed rubber. The TruFlow ATS is designed with one brush in the front and one in the back to provide two sweeping actions, reducing the need for hand brushing. The 54D-ATS has a capacity of 15 cubic feet. Higher sides can be added when using only crumbed rubber.


The Snow Must Go

The Pro Turf Pusher from Turf Maintenance Solutions is a snow pusher with a smooth cylinder to minimize the disruption of crumb rubber and eliminate the windrows that can be caused by using conventional plows. Available in 6 and 8-foot models, the Pro Turf Pusher can mount to existing maintenance equipment using a universal skid steer mount or tractor pin-type hookup.


The Big Chill

Shaw Sports Turf announced the development of an advanced system, called HydroChill, to combat the heat on synthetic turf fields. HydroChill, which has been in development for nearly three years, has shown cooling effects of as much as 50 degrees compared to normal synthetic turf systems. The technology is applied to a field where components react and form a coating on the infill. The field is watered to activate HydroChill, and then energy from sunlight drives out water, removing heat from the surface. The cooling effect of HydroChill after watering can last two to three days.


Phosphorus-Free Fertilizer

Neptune’s Harvest introduces Turf Formula 2-0-2, a concentrate designed to accommodate users requiring a phosphorus-free fertilizer. The environmentally friendly product contains a blend of nutrients and is designed to improve nutrient uptake and color and increase root mass. Available in 1 and 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums and 275-gallon totes.


Improve Pesticide Performance

Yardage, from Exacto, Inc., is a three-in-one combination adjuvant that helps optimize the performance of pesticide applications. This acidifier, penetrant and drift reduction product provides a triple-action method that helps create the ideal pH conditions in the tank, improves pesticide penetration of pest surfaces and maximizes the amount of solution that lands on target. Yardage is now available in 1 and 2.5-gallon sizes.