Self-Contained Sweeper

The new Super 120 M from Wiedenmann North America is a self-contained sweeper that efficiently collects leaves, debris, aeration cores and more. Due to its compact size, it can be maneuvered around tight areas, and it is also ideal for hard surfaces. The Super 120 M has a 48-inch working width and a 2.1-cubic-yard capacity. Powered by a Honda GX240 gas engine, it can be pulled by most vehicles. Once collected, the debris is easily removed with a manual discharge lever.

Precision Irrigation Control

The Toro Co. introduced the Precision soil sensor. It continuously measures moisture levels in the soil and determines when to allow the irrigation controller to water. There are two wireless components: a receiver that hooks up to the irrigation controller, and a sensor that installs in the ground. Once installed, the sensor calibrates itself automatically to determine the soil type. Any time the moisture level exceeds the user-defined optimum level for the plant material, the controller is prevented from running any irrigation programs. With an operating range of up to 500 feet, the sensor also offers freeze detection, which prevents irrigation when temperatures approach freezing.

Variable-Flow Nozzles

Underhill International introduced Magnum UltraMax variable-flow hose-end nozzles. They come in four models with optional pistol or firefighter grips. The Full Throttle nozzle features a single variable flow in high volume (15 to 40 GPM) or low volume (12 to 19 GPM). It delivers a steady fog, jet stream or fan pattern. The Turbo Shift model has a dual variable flow that can be shifted from light coverage to a higher-volume fog, jet stream or fan pattern. The high-volume model offers 12 to 17 GPM and can be shifted to 20 to 43 GPM, while the low-volume model performs at 7 to 12 GPM and shifts to 14 to 17 GPM. All models have .75 or 1-inch inlets.

Hose Reel Trailer

Reelcraft’s new self-contained hose reel trailer makes hose handling and watering easier, quicker and more convenient, and eliminates the need for a dedicated maintenance vehicle. Designed for grounds maintenance applications requiring up to 1-inch I.D. by 100 feet of hose, the trailer bed also offers additional space for tool trays and other accessories. The wheelbase matches typical work vehicles, and the wheels are mounted inside the trailer bed to prevent snagging of trees and shrubs. A 32-inch trailer tongue allows for sharp turns and is easier to back up.

Grooming Mower

Land Pride’s new FDR3690 rear-discharge grooming mower is designed for commercial use, with a 90-inch cutting width and six free-swinging, medium-lift blades. The rear discharge directs clippings and other debris toward the ground. Blade tip speed is 16,500 feet per minute. The unit has a 3/16-inch deck, four 13-inch semisolid tires, a Double-V Powerband belt and an optional front roller. The driveline is a Category IV with quick coupler. The hitch is a floating three-point Category I and is quick-hitch compatible. The tapered deck allows users to get close to obstacles.

Three-Gang Sweeper

Ingersoll now offers a new tow-behind, three-gang sweeper. The unit combines three sweepers with a tow hitch system. It is available with a perforated bottom for artificial turf or a solid bottom. It can pick up leaves, pinecones and more. An adjustable hitch provides an adjustment range of plus or minus 12 inches, allowing the sweeper to be used with a variety of vehicles, from four-wheelers to tractors.

Diamond Pro App

Diamond Pro now offers its first mobile app, which can be downloaded for free. The Diamond Pro mobile app is uniquely laid out, providing instant groundskeeping product information, recommended field dimensions and the nearest Diamond Pro distributor. It also provides a brand-new item, the Product Calculator. When you’re on the go, you can use the calculator to determine how much product is needed for your fields.