Turf Stripper

Redexim North America introduced the Turf Stripper 2000, which can be used to mow, level, dethatch and renovate turf areas using a rotary action that removes material and deflects it onto a conveyor to be carried away. It is equipped with custom blades that allow the machine to be highly productive, while being adjustable in small increments. An optional verticut blade kit can be installed in place of the standard blades. It also provides a highly effective method of harvesting sprigs when trying to introduce bermudagrass and other grasses to new areas.


Long-Range Rotor

Hunter has unveiled the ST1600 long-range synthetic turf rotor. It has a 160-foot radius, easily adjustable speed of rotation, ratcheting stainless steel riser assembly, large flat rubber cover, and full circle and adjustable arc capabilities. The ST1600B configuration is a 5-inch popup with through-the-top access that allows for servicing without disturbing the synthetic surface. The ST1600BR is a compact riser-mounted rotor designed for installations where it is preferable to keep irrigation piping and equipment away from the synthetic surface. It also allows existing fields to be retrofitted for irrigation without disturbing the playing surface.


Pulverize Cores

The Super 500 from Wiedenmann can work as a core pulverizer with the installation of brackets on the rear door of the hopper, creating a 4-inch gap that allows materials to fall back to the surface. Due to the verticutting blades and paddles on the multipurpose head, cores are turned to dust and redistributed back onto the surface. Verticutting can be accomplished at the same time as core pulverization. The brackets can be removed easily for the final sweeping of the surface.


New Bermudagrasses

Oklahoma State University has developed and released two new bermudagrass varieties called Northbridge and Latitude 36. Both are sterile hybrids with exceptional cold tolerance, and winter damage is seldom seen in either. They can be used from the southern U.S. to areas north of the transition zone. They offer early green-up, excellent density and rapid recovery from traffic. Latitude 36 has blades that are finer-textured, while Northbridge is faster to establish. Sod Solutions will be the licensing and marketing agent for these varieties.


Under Cover

Century Industries offers a new mobile bleacher with folding sun canopy that provides sheltered spectator seating throughout the community at special events. The outdoor fabric canopy folds and stows to travel with the grandstand bleacher on public roads. This model is based on Century’s TranSport 10-row mobile grandstand bleacher. It is available in a variety of sizes, seating capacities and fabric colors.


Launch a Surprise Attack

Blindside herbicide, new from FMC Professional Solutions, can be applied to most types of warm-season turfgrass, even St. Augustinegrass, as well as Kentucky bluegrass and tall fescue, providing transition zone flexibility. It works through foliar and root uptake to deliver fast control of more than 70 broadleaf weeds and sedges. An optimized combination of active ingredients, Blindside delivers visible signs of control within a week. The dispersible granular formulation is available in a tip-and-measure package with a dosing chamber that accurately dispenses enough material to treat 1,000 square feet at both low and high application rates. Each .5-pound package treats more than 50,000 square feet.


Stadium Vac

Broyhill’s Stadium Vac is a self-contained vacuum for turf vehicles. It features a 20.8 hp Honda engine and wireless remote controls for suction hose height (up and down) and distance (in and out from vehicle). Trash is collected in the 1-cubic-yard container and no trash goes through the impeller.