WorkPro Cab

Curtis Industries now offers a WorkPro cab system for the Cub Cadet Yanmar Sc2450 TLB series compact tractor. The cab system has a Roll-Over Protective Structure and was designed for optimum flexibility with a variety of attachments. The powder-coated, steel-framed cab comes with steel doors and full sliding windows. Doors are pin-hinged for easy removal. The windshield is made of molded, tempered safety glass with a pop-out vent feature and comes standard with a heavy-duty 12-volt wiper. Optional accessories include a heater, defroster fan, work lights, strobe or beacon lights and a deluxe console with CD player.

Water Management Solutions

Firestone Specialty Products now offers a total system approach to water management solutions. A key component of the family of products is the Firestone Environmental Passive Integrated Chamber (EPIC Chamber), an on-site water management and reuse system designed to collect, filter, retain and distribute water belowground at its source. Designed for stormwater runoff, athletic fields, irrigation and more, the fully customizable line also includes EPIC Pan Sheet, EPIC Pan, EPDM Geomembrane, Netlon Advanced Turf System, NetPave 50, NetPave 25 and TurfGuard Paver. The solutions provide a nonclogging drainage system and minimize pollutants entering the groundwater.

Efficient EFI Engine

The Gravely Pro-Turn 200 XDZ series of zero-turn mowers is now available with a 29 hp, closed-loop, electronic fuel injection (EFI) Kohler engine. The engine improves fuel economy on the Pro-Turn 252 and 260 by as much as 20 percent. It uses an oxygen sensor to provide continuous combustion feedback, which monitors and adjusts engine operating parameters to guarantee optimal performance and best fuel consumption. The EFI starts easily, offers excellent load response and has a feedback information system. The electronic control unit maintains an internal log of operating conditions, total hours, oil temperatures and detailed load diagnostics.

Fungicide with a Protein Boost

New Daconil Action fungicide from Syngenta combines the proven disease control of Daconil fungicide with acibenzolar-S-methyl. Acibenzolar provides a boost of pathogenesis-related proteins that activate the turf’s natural defense mechanisms and help it combat stress resulting from environmental, mechanical and disease pressures. Once absorbed, acibenzolar stimulates the systemic acquired resistance of the turfgrass by activating the production of PR proteins. It effectively controls diseases including dollar spot, anthracnose, brown patch, gray leaf spot, stem rust and yellow patch, and suppresses Pythium blight and bacterial wilt. The built-in surfactant system provides residual control of 14 to 21 days. It attacks pathogens at several biochemical sites, preventing disease resistance.


Underhill’s expanding line of Gulp water removal pumps now features the Gulp UltraMax and Big Gulp UltraMax, which can displace 8 to 12 GPM. Featuring a smooth pumping action, the UltraMax models efficiently eliminate water from valve boxes, sprinklers or any other flooded area. Gulp UltraMax has a 14-inch pump chamber and an 18-inch outlet hose. Big Gulp UltraMax includes a 36-inch chamber and flexible outlet hoses in 36 or 72-inch lengths. Both have durable pump shafts and are self-priming. Contoured ergonomic handles provide a secure grip, and a push-button cleaning system allows quick flushing of the pump chamber.

Control Nutsedge

Gowan Co. launched SedgeHammer+ turf herbicide for nutsedge control. It is labeled for use on cool and warm-season turfgrasses, established woody ornamentals and fallow areas. It contains a dry, nonionic surfactant in the formulation, eliminating the need for additional additives when mixing. SedgeHammer+ is easy to use; simply pour, mix and spray. One packet of the product will treat an area of up to 1,000 square feet and it is rainfast within four hours.

Padding for All Weather

Bison’s All Weather Outdoor Padding features exterior-grade plywood, 100 percent rustproof hardware and fittings, 3-inch thick mildew-resistant polyurethane foam and durable outdoor vinyl. Each assembled panel, regardless of size, is vented at the bottom to allow moisture to escape, increasing both functional and aesthetic longevity. Choose from 16 sunfast solid colors, then add full-color graphics or lettering. The padding is available in sizes and shapes to cover walls, fences, posts and more.