Fungicide and Animal Repellant

Engage Agro USA recently introducedDefiant (75 percent WDGThiram turf fungicide and animalrepellent) to the USA. Defiant is aunique water-dispersible granularformulation. It can be used for the prevention of dollar spot, brownpatch and fusarium patch in the summer season and pink snow moldin the winter. In addition, Defiant provides protection to ornamentalsfrom damage caused by deer, rabbits, rodents and migratory birds. Itcan be used as a tank mix partner with sterol inhibitors (SI) to increasethe spectrum of activity and reduce resistance potential.

Go With the Flow

Earth & Turf Products, LLC, introduces the TruFlow54D-ATS (Artificial Turf Special). The unit can be usedto put down crumbedrubber and sweep itinto the fiber layersor as a topdresser toadd crumbed rubberas required. The Tru-Flow ATS is designedwith one brush in thefront and one in theback to provide twosweeping actions,reducing the needfor hand brushing. The 54D-ATS has a capacity of 15cubic feet. Higher sides can be added when using onlycrumbed rubber.

Time to Topdress?

TurfTime Equipment’s new TT-2430 Advantage topdresser featureslarge paddle spinners that distribute material evenly up to 50 feet wide.Spinner and belt speed adjustments allow the operator put downa thick 6-foot swath onbaselines or other confinedspaces. These heavy-dutytopdressers are built ondurable two or four-wheelchassis, and powered byPTO, on-board engine ortractor hydraulics.

Reduce Water

H2OExcel from Brookside Agra is an all-natural, biodegradablesolution functioning as a water-conservation agent. Packaged in1-gallon jugs and 5-gallon pails, H2OExcel was developed usingextracts from desert plants, which have the natural ability to absorbwater faster than other plant life. When H2OExcel is applied to waterit softens the surface tension thereby allowing hardened soils to retainwater three to five times faster.

Boost Turf Health

Rhizonify is a new productfrom Grigg Brothers designedto improve plantand soil nutrients,carbohydrate andmoisture status. Itcontains a wettingagent formulatedto improve nutrientplacement and uniformityof the wetting front in challengingsoil conditions. Rhizonify also has readily available plant nutrients(N, P, K plus minors) plus reactive non-plant food ingredients,including fulvic and humic acid, plant sugars, amino and organicacids, designed to enhance and stimulate the rhizosphere.

Superstar Sand

Smithco’s Sand Star Z Athletic FieldConditioner (AFC) offers an optionalcenter-mounted scarifier, a flex brushrear-mounted implement and zero-turncapability. The Sand Star Z is poweredby a 22 hp engine.