New Tool to Fight Weeds in California

Tribute Total has been approved for use in California, accordingto Environmental Science, a division of Bayer CropScience LP.A postemergent herbicide, Tribute Total delivers broad-spectrumcontrol in one complete solution to helpturfgrass professionals selectively removetroublesome grassy and broadleaf weeds,sedges and kyllingas. Approved for use inbermudagrass and zoysiagrass, it is effectiveagainst 55 weeds, including dallisgrass,goosegrass and clumpy rye. After application,the product is readily absorbed by the foliageand carried to the site of action in the growingpoints of the susceptible weed.

Help Paint Stay in its Place

Eco Chemical TempLineoffers Pre-Game, a proprietaryformulation that makes newsynthetic turf more uniformlyreceptive to TempLine fieldpaints, while helping to ensurethe paint stays on the field (andoff the players). Residue fromthe manufacturing process cancoat the turf fibers, makingit difficult to achieve properpaint adhesion. The residuewill eventually wear off overtime, but the first few paintings will be difficult. Pre-Game helpsovercome this challenge by allowing more thorough, even paintcoverage and minimizing the need for touch-ups.

Liquid Formulation Simplifies Application

Dow AgroSciences has released Gallery SC specialty herbicide,which contains the active ingredient isoxaben, in a liquid formulation.Available in 49 states, it provides excellent plant toleranceand long-lasting pre-emergence control of more than 95 speciesof broadleaf weeds. The 2-gallon packaging reduces handling,rinsing and disposal. It’s also available in a 1 quart size. It can beapplied on 714 field-grown and 562 container-grown ornamentals.It bonds tightly with soil particlesand has a low water solubility, soit won’t move out of the weedgermination zone. Studies show thatGallery is stable on the soil surfaceand stays put even in heavy rainfall.

Let it Snow

Pro-Tech Manufacturing and Distribution introduced the TurfPusher, a containment plow that can clear snow from synthetic turfsports fields. This product line will solve the challenges sports fieldmanagers face when trying to clear snow from fields in a safe andeffective manner. TheTurf Pusher, whichis available in 6- and8-foot-wide models,glides over turf andfield covers withminimal disruptionto the crumb rubber.Side plates minimizesnow spillage anddecrease the need for multiple passes. Multiple connection typesare available for small track machines and tractors. Since there areno moving parts, maintenance and repairs are minimal. It allowsyou to provide year-round access to synthetic turf sports fields andminimize disruption to scheduled events.

Eliminate Dry Spots

Underhill Internationalintroduces newsoil surfactant pellets,Tournament-ReadyPlus with Actosol, tohelp prevent and curelocalized dry spots in”hydrophobic soils.”Featuring a blend ofnatural ingredients and surface-active agents, including humicand fulvic acid and micronutrients, Tournament-Ready Plus withActosol modulates water movement laterally and vertically into thesoil profile for up to 14 weeks after treatment.

Spring Field Prep

Designed to operate in damp weather conditions, the Bay-LynxParks Groomer weighs in at 1,130 pounds and can be used to openball diamonds in the spring without pre-tilling the infield. With thefront leveling box, adding material to ball diamond fields is easy.The unit can also be used to keep warning tracks clear of weedsand grass. Optional featuresinclude a customthree-piece scarifier,carbide-tipped scarifier,hydraulic raise/lowerrear broom, dust controlwater tank, C/W tank,spray bar with nozzles,electric pump and hoses.