Electric Striper

Graco Inc. recently introduced the LineLazer ES 1000, the first professional, battery-powered, airless line striper in the U.S. that delivers power and performance without engine exhaust or noise, according to the company. The ES 1000 was designed as a quiet, clean, alternative power source without sacrificing performance, Graco says. It replaces high-cost, manual taping and paint marking methods. The LineLazer ES 1000 features high-output electric battery power that eliminates gas costs, exhaust, noise and vibration while delivering crisp lines, the company says. It can deliver up to 60 gallons of material on a single charge, with two batteries, the company says.


Trimax Mowing Systems recently announced the U.S. release of its new turf mower, the Snake. The 10.5-foot wide rotary mower has been specifically designed for sports turf applications with safety, durability and minimal downtime, the company says. Its quiet operation allows mowing in and around sensitive areas and won’t cause disturbance, Trimax says. The Snake features Trimax’s three-year warranty. A curb-jump feature allows the decks to be lifted with the blades still engaged to go over curbs, paths or other obstacles without stopping the PTO. This feature saves wear on the tractor and gearboxes, and ensures smoother operation while mowing, the company says. Also, the Snake’s sealed spindles mean there are fewer points to grease.

Plunger Pump

Valley Industries recently introduced its Everflo EFHP2000 12-volt, highpressure plunger pump. It features multiple Quick-Connect ports that provide the necessary flow for a spray gun, boom and other sprayer accessories, according to the company. Reaching up to 2 gpm and 200 psi, the Everflo EFHP2000 provides high-performance to spray longer distances or atomized droplets for misting applications, Valley Industries says. “We felt it was crucial to provide the market a pump that could tackle projects that required a little more pressure and flow,” says Dan Savage, director of sales and marketing for Valley Industries. The EFHP2000 features Viton valves and a Santoprene diaphragm for increased durability and efficiency, the company says.


Underhill’s newest addition to its hose line is the UltraMax Blue hose. Underhill says this heavy-duty hose offers several features that ensure reliable performance, including 1200 psi-burst pressure strength, machined brass couplings, flexible handling, abrasion resistance, easyto- grip smooth finish and long-life TPE material construction. The UltraMax Blue is 45 percent lighter than comparable commercial hoses, Underhill says, and is a practical solution for spot watering and general maintenance. Underhill’s UltraMax Hose Series includes the Blue, Red, Green and Clear models. All UltraMax Series hoses are available in 50-, 75- and 100-inch lengths and 0.75- and 1-inch widths; they’re also available in custom lengths (if specified).