Aer Flo, Inc.

BP Zone infield turf protectors are made from the latest generation of PVC-polyester industrial mesh fabric, VIPOL Matrix Material, which withstands intensive abuse caused by batting practice and concentrated foot traffic. This unique fabric allows the mats to be left down for long periods without damaging the turf because sunlight, air and moisture can penetrate it.


Covermaster’s MacLeod Cover field protection system is made of a unique material that is translucent, waterproof and lightweight, and allows for natural photosynthesis and airflow. It is semi-automated, allowing for easy handling and fast installation, and can allow for maintenance and repair work to continue below the cover.


FieldSaver covers and baseball tarps provide waterproof turf protection for full football/soccer fields and baseball infields. They feature a woven polyethylene, silver poly coating, are rot and mildew resistant, and are UV-treated to prevent breakdown from sunlight.


GreenJacket full-field turf covers are rip stop-reinforced engineered films that consist of high-strength laminated polyethylene film. The heavy scrim reinforcement placed between the laminations enhances the tear resistance of the film and prevents tears from spreading. All seams are laminated for impermeability, and all edges furnished with a double-fold, double-lock-stitch hem.

Markers, Inc.

Weighted base covers have steel chain in edge hems all around to keep wind from getting under the cover, eliminating the need for stakes or sandbags. Covers are field-proven to 65 mph and made from industrial 18-mil vinyl-polyester fabric with UV and mildew inhibitors.

Partac Peat

Offering Fence Guards for the top rail of chain-link fences. Constructed of UV-resistant MDPE polyethylene, they are sold in 10 8-foot sections per carton with predrilled holes every 2 inches for securing to fence. Foam Guards rail padding also available.

Sport Court International

PORTAFLOOR PRO temporary flooring system is a light, lean solution that is specially engineered to provide support and stability in easy-to-maneuver square-foot sections. PRO supports over 34,000 pounds per square foot, is lightweight (1.35 pounds) and requires no heavy equipment to install.