The latest treatment options

Control product manufacturers are constantly striving to advance the industry. New products and new formulations can provide a variety of benefits. A number of these new products have just been introduced and more will be coming.

Note the uniformity of the granules in the Agrium product.
Photo courtesy of Agrium Advance Technologies.

Disease controls

Arysta LifeScience Turf & Ornamentals has introduced DISARM M fungicide, which combines two modes of systemic activity to control all major foliar diseases in cool and warm-season turf. The preventative activity of fluoxastrobin, a strobilurin fungicide, is combined with myclobutanil, a demethylation inhibitor (DMI) that provides both curative and preventive performance. DISARM M penetrates and migrates throughout leaf tissue and into the rootzone to stop and prevent further disease.

Arysta is also introducing ENDORSE, a broad-spectrum bio-fungicide that provides foliar and translaminar systemic activity. The naturally occurring active ingredient provides preventive and curative protection against both basal and foliar anthracnose, brown patch, fairy ring, red thread and other leaf spot, snow molds and zoysia patch diseases.

Phoenix Environmental Care has just added Siskin Fungicide to their lineup. Its active ingredient is myclobutanil, and it is used to control dollar spot, summer patch, brown patch, powdery mildew and rust on turfgrass. It has low phytotoxicity, so it poses little danger to target and nontarget plants.

Pasteuria spores attaching to nematode species.
Photo courtesy of Pasteuria Bioscience.

Insect controls

Valent Professional Products has introduced a new formulation of their Arena 0.25 G insecticide. Instead of the standard clay-based carrier used for many granular products, this new formulation incorporates dust-free Biodac granular carrier from Kadant Grantek, Inc. The new product is now drier and less dusty, providing better spreading. It also collects less moisture. According to Todd Mayhew, regional field development manager for Valent, “With the new carrier, Arena 0.25 G has virtually no dust, and granules remain intact during application. That means uniform distribution of granules and, therefore, better pest control.”

In other situations, labels may be changed for improvements or additions. To cut down on the risk of insects developing a resistance to Conserve SC, Dow AgroSciences has made a label change, stating it should not be applied more than three times in any 21-day period. Whenever Conserve SC is applied up to three times in succession, it should not be used for a 21-day period following usage. Rotation to an insecticide in another class is recommended. The maximum number of applications of Conserve is six per year. It is used to control armyworms, sod webworms, black turfgrass ataenius and a variety of other similar insects.

This granular fungicide is a recent introduction that controls most major foliar diseases.
Photo courtesy of Arysta LifeScience.

Nematode controls

Econem is a newly registered control for sting nematode in turf, including athletic fields. Pasteuria Bioscience has received the first EPA registration for this biological control based on the Pasteuria spp., a group of naturally-occurring soil bacteria that are infectious and lethal to nematodes, but not harmful to other organisms. There are no known human exposure risks, and there are no toxic soil or crop residues. It is also safe for birds and wildlife. Pasteuria Bioscience was founded in 2003 in the University of Florida’s Sid Martin Biotechnology Incubator. The company was developed to commercialize its technology for production of nematode control products based on that technology.

Weed controls

Solitare Herbicide is a new product from FMC Professional Solutions for postemergent weed control. Its two active ingredients, sulfentrazone and quinclorac, may eliminate the need to mix multiple postemergence products together to control a variety of grassy and broadleaved weeds in both cool and warm-season grasses. Some of the weeds it is labeled to control include: clover, common chickweed, dandelion, foxtail, goosegrass, ground ivy, yellow nutsedge, plantain and spurge. It is also labeled to suppress chickweed, dallisgrass, knotweed and purslane. Many weeds are 100 percent controlled within seven days of application. It reduces weed populations and is absorbed by underground reproductive structures, decreasing seed populations and viability.

Nufarm Americas, Inc. has introduced two new formulations to control a wide variety of weeds. 4-Speed combines dicamba, 2, 4-D and MCP-P with pyraflufen, while 4-Speed XT contains dicamba, 2, 4-D and triclopyr in addition to pyraflufen. According to Nufarm product manager Matt Nespeca, “4-Speed is suited for general broadleaf weed control in most situations, while 4-Speed XT adds the power of triclopyr for tough weeds like white clover, and can improve performance in cool conditions. Because both contain pyraflufen, we see greatly improved speed of control.”

Matt Bradley, manager for herbicides at Bayer Environmental Science, reports that they now have state registrations for Celsius herbicide in 24 states, including all states below I-70 except for Arizona and California.

Spread it & Forget it fertilizer offers a season-long feeding from a single application and is available with select control products.
Photo courtesy of Agrium Advance Technologies.

Phoenix Environmental Care has also just introduced their brand of a 2, 4-D DMA, which they call TernStyle. It has 3.8 pounds of active ingredient per gallon and can be tank-mixed with a variety of other products where warranted.

Another product worth mentioning, especially for facilities that have little budget for maintenance, is the Spread it & Forget it line from Agrium Advance Technologies. This line of controlled release fertilizer products, including one with crabgrass control, have advanced-generation polymer coatings that gradually release nutrients over an extended period of time. Bryan Gooch, product marketing manager at Agrium, says, “With a single application, this product delivers green, healthy turf for an entire growing season, so turf professionals save time and money. They can do more with less.”

Jason Jarvis, general manager of Organics Unlimited, Inc. in Maryland, tried the fertilizer product on a low-fertility practice field they maintain. Since he has also used Dimension in his program, he is excited about the new product that combines the two. He says, “This is really a time-saver for the low-budget fields.”

Maximize your options for superior field care by keeping up on the new products. Add the ones that fit into your arsenal and share the results with your peers.

The author is a contributing editor for SportsField Management.