Pump Filter

Underhill recently introduced MudGuard, a new slip-on filter for Gulp UltraMax Plus Pumps. According to Underhill, MudGuard minimizes clogging and facilitates dirty water cleanouts from valve boxes, sprinkler leaks or other water-soaked areas on turf and landscapes. MudGuard attaches to the Gulp UltraMax Plus and prevents the pump from burrowing into mud and debris. It’s now standard on all Underhill 36-inch UltraMax Plus pumps (with 36- or 72-inch hoses) or can be added on to existing pumps. UltraMax Plus pumps are available in the following configurations: 36-inch length with 36- or 72-inch hose; 21-inch length with 18-inch hose; and 12-ounce syringe. They’re constructed with a clear, heavy-duty, high-strength polycarbonate cylinder body and an aluminum-grade pump shaft, the company says.


Utility Vehicle

Hustler Turf Equipment recently announced that it’s entering the utility vehicle (UTV) market with the addition of its Maximum Duty Vehicle (MDV). Designed for heavyduty applications, the MDV features LeveLift, a cargo box that lets users lift up to 750 pounds from the ground and dump material from any point in its arc of motion, according to the company. “The introduction of the MDV with LeveLift bed technology speaks to the innovation and quality craftsmanship inherent in the DNA of Hustler Turf,” says Adam Mullet, vice president of sales and marketing. “The MDV offers customers a machine that works hard, in addition to getting them from point A to point B.” The Hustler MDV features a Kohler diesel engine with a 14-gallon fuel tank, continuously variable transmission (CVT) and power steering.

ALT TEXT HERESynthetic Oil

AMSOIL Inc. recently added three new package sizes to its SABER Professional synthetic two-stroke oil product line. The new 2.6-, 6.4- and 12.8-ounce bottles are designed for 50:1 mix ratio in 1-, 2.5- and 5-gallon gas cans. Alternatively, using half of each bottle will result in a 100:1 mix in the respective cans, the company says. Each premixed, two-stroke application carries its own mix-ratio specification. SABER Professional synthetic formulation burns clean, passing the industrystandard smoke test at the standard rich mix ratio, AMSOIL says. When mixed at the SABER Ratio (80:1, 100:1), smoke is virtually undetectable. Operators subjected to smoke and fumes benefit from these low-emission properties. SABER Professional also has fuel stabilization to help prevent fuel from deteriorating during storage.ALT TEXT HERE

Manufacturer News

Soil surfactant manufacturer Aquatrols recently announced the promotion of Matt Foster from chief operating officer to president and CEO. According to Aquatrols, Foster is responsible for company performance in product development and manufacturing, marketing, sales, human resources, operations and logistics, financial management and other business functions. His new role follows a transition period, during which longtime President Tracy Jarman and Director of Sales Andy Moore have been shifting from operational duties to help guide strategy as directors on Aquatrols’ executive board. Foster — a former golf course superintendent — brings to Aquatrols 25 years of experience in the green industry, where he was most recently global director for plant health at chemical manufacturing company FMC.