SipcamRotam recently launched Lucto, a pre/postemergence herbicide with the active ingredient Mesotrione. Lucto is labeled by the EPA for use in commercial and residential turfgrasses. Packaged in tip-and-pour 1-quart containers, the product is designed to eliminate bentgrass in some cool-season turf grasses, as well as control weeds at time of new seeding or turf renovation, according to SipcamRotam. The company says that Lucto is absorbed by weeds during emergence or through treated foliage. It’s active against a wide spectrum of broadleaf weeds as well as some weeds resistant to glyphosate, ALS-inhibiting and triazine herbicides. Lucto can be combined with SipcamRotam’s Cavalcade prodiamine product, the company says.


Steiner recently launched its new 450 tractor. The re-engineered model features an articulating frame, giving it a turning radius of 43.5 inches, according to the company. The frame also oscillates, keeping the operator upright even on uneven terrains. The machine’s Quick-Hitch System makes it easy to switch between more than 20 attachments, according to the company. Buyers can choose from three engines: a Kubota 25-hp, liquid-cooled diesel; a Kubota 32-hp, liquid-cooled gasoline; or a 37-hp Vanguard EFI air-cooled gasoline engine. The Steiner 450 also features an integrated, fully-adjustable hydraulic weight transfer system, ground speeds up to 6 mph in low gear and 9.5 mph in high gear and LED headlights and taillights.

Manufacturer News

Cub Cadet has expanded its presence in the sports turf market with the acquisition of Advanced Turf Technology (ATT). The United Kingdom-based company produces reel mowers and cassettes specially designed for the sports and golf markets. Products from ATT include the TMSystem and INFiNiCut. These products are used by several English Premier League soccer clubs and golf courses. The INFiNiCut combines a lithium power source with user-programmable frequency of clip rate and a dynamic return floating head, allowing users to optimize configuration to turf conditions, the company says. The ability to set a mower in this way is a first for the sports field sector, according to Cub Cadet.

Turf Vacuum

Harper Turf Equipment recently unveiled its next generation of selfpropelled turf vacuums — the TV35. This redesigned vacuum promotes time-saving and economical features such as a new cooling system, ergonomic operator station and smooth foot-pedal operation, the company says. A new, remotemounted radiator and oil cooler for improved temperature control is also part of the redesign. The hydraulic-powered cooling fan can be reversed to blow debris off the screen. When it’s time to service the machine, the screen easily removes for deep cleaning, the company says. The Kubota engine is available in diesel or gasoline models. The Tier-4 turbocharged diesel engine features 44 hp. The spark-ignited gas engine features 49 hp.