Ever wonder where the name “CIVITAS” came from?
Experts Meet for 'Sports Turf Talk' Panel Discussion

We posed the question to Reinie Drygala (pictured above), global manager of lawncare products for Intelligro, which manufactures CIVITAS Turf Defense, at the Golf Industry Show earlier in 2016.

By now, you’ve probably heard of CIVITAS, which prevents turf disease and promotes plant health on your athletic fields and golf courses. CIVITAS debuted at the 2009 Golf Industry Show in New Orleans.

When the product was developed and ready to debut in the golf course maintenance market, Drygala recalls a meeting of the minds to come up with a name for it.

“You have to remember that almost every single word in the dictionary has been trademarked,” he says.

Drygala put on his thinking cap to come up with a name. He considered the product’s attributes: That it’s environmentally friendly and can help athletic field managers and golf course superintendents do more with less.

“The word that popped into my head was ‘civilization,’ ” Drygala says. “I began doing some research and found that the Greek word for civilization was actually ‘civitas.’

He liked the word and liked even better that it hadn’t been trademarked — CIVITAS was born. And seven years later, CIVITAS has matured.

Today, CIVITAS isn’t just one product; it has become a brand for several products.