The new synthetic turf manufacturing center spans more than 210,000 square feet.

Act Global Purchases New USA Production Plant. Photo courtesy of Act Global.

Act Global Purchases New USA Production Plant. Photo courtesy of Act Global.

Act Global, a manufacturer of synthetic turf, has moved its USA manufacturing headquarters into a new 210,000 square foot facility in Calhoun, Georgia.

“We are reinvesting our success back into the company,” said John Baize, co-owner of Act Global. “We are committed to servicing our customers, growing our business and constantly innovating to serve the market in new and better ways.”

The facility will have capacity for a research and development laboratory, equipment, and additional production volume and storage. It can also facilitate plant tours and customer events, with additional office space and large conference areas.

“We have exciting plans underway for the new building and for the direction of Act Global,” said plant manager Steve Oswalt.

Oswalt has worked with Act Global for more than nine years, and was instrumental in managing the transition of equipment, operations and personnel to the new space. The scope of moving an entire manufacturing facility is no easy task –just one synthetic turf tufting machine can weigh as much as 35,000 pounds, and is a highly specialized piece of precision equipment.

The company is now operating fully out of the new space, with artificial turf production for sports (Xtreme Turf), landscape (Xtreme Lawn), aviation (AvTurf) and landfill (LiteEarth). Each market has a unique set of challenges, needs and opportunities, driven by increased urbanization, lack of water and heightened desire for sports and leisure activity.