Eco-Friendly Paint

Eco Temp-Line Grass paint, new from Eco Chemical, offers high performance and ease of use while reducing environmental impact. The two-part, water-based system consists of a dry powder and a gel activator that becomes 5 gallons of natural grass paint when water is added. With no volatile organic compounds, it contains more than 10 percent recycled content and helps to reduce packaging waste, storage space and shipping fuel costs.

Sandbander on Wheels

Blec USA offers the new Wheeled Sandbander, featuring support wheels and low-impact tires to allow access to turf with a fully loaded machine. Designed for use with a 20 hp tractor, the unit quickly installs 25 or 50–mm sand slits with a maximum depth of 250 mm. It firmly packs the sand to the full depth. A large, self-cleaning steel rear roller guarantees minimal heave. It has a capacity of 1 cubic meter with the single-blade unit, and 2 cubic meters with the dual-blade unit.


Gravely Turf has introduced the ProVac 1060, featuring a 3.5-cubic-yard hopper and 60-inch adjustable intake scoop. It can be used for clippings, pinecones, trash, leaves and more. Debris can be removed from turf or cement. It is equipped with a hand vac attachment that provides an extra 10 feet of reach. The unit is powered by an 18 hp Kohler Command Pro engine and has a 6-gallon fuel tank. The self-contained ProVac can be pulled with a utility vehicle or anything with a pin-type tow bar.

Chalk it Up

Pioneer Athletics has unveiled Pioneer Quik Stripe Chalk and the Quik System. Quik Stripe Chalk comes in 18-ounce cans and can be sprayed by hand or applied using the Quik System’s Quik Stick and Quik Striper tools. The Quik Stick is an ergonomic, hand-held tool that allows for freehand marking. The Quik Striper offers 10-inch semipneumatic wheels and handlebar paint control. Quik Stripe Chalk dries in about 15 minutes and can be rinsed off with a hose.

Reels and Bedknives

Stens offers a wide variety of Locke reels and bedknives. The reels are made from steel that is specially formed and rolled, heat-treated, quenched, forged and tempered. High-carbon bedknives are made from spring-type steel with chrome/nickel alloys and are completed with a highly polished finish.