Research has shown that people that look for the good in situations can usually react more positively to handle them. While it may be hard to accept sometimes, we know that no matter how bad things are for us, there are people that are worse off.

Last night’s local news provided excellent evidence of how attitude can affect how we respond to what we have. The reporter told of an 8-year-old boy who died of leukemia, and mentioned how Isaac always had a smile and how he positively affected those around him. The story went on with testimonies from his memorial service, including excerpts from the pastor’s message. One story the pastor told was how Isaac’s class in school had been given the assignment to write about the worst day of their life—this was after this young man had just gone through months of chemotherapy. After sitting at his desk for some time thinking, Isaac walked up to the teacher with a blank page and said, “I can’t write anything, I’ve never had a bad day.”

I’ve said previously how the right attitude has helped in many instances, and I’ve shown instances where the wrong attitude created bad results. If you pay too much attention to the news media, you’ll see and hear plenty of things to get upset about, but I urge you to look for positive ways to work around any situation. It is much easier to get people on board with you if you have a positive attitude. Lay out the facts, let people know what to expect and seek their buy-in.

If you have a positive personality with courage to meet the challenges, ambition to make the best of things and drive to see projects through, those whose help you need will be much more willing to support you. Communicating needs in a positive way is so important these days. As you lead, you teach others to act as you do. If you want positive results, you must teach those around you to follow your example.

It is also important to look at the big picture. Some of our challenges seem much less significant when we consider the overall scheme of things. We always have a choice on how we react to anything. I prefer looking on the bright side.

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