As we celebrate Independence Day, it’s a good time to reflect on what independence involves. Are any of us truly independent? While we can all be thankful that the colonies declared their independence from Great Britain, that independence—and all other forms—carry a certain amount of responsibility.

While we are an independent nation, the government has certain responsibilities to its citizens; we as citizens have responsibilities to the government. As much as we sometimes disagree, we need each other to continue a modicum of independence. The same holds true in our personal and business lives. In order to function at our optimum level of competence we need others to assist us; and they need us to assist them. While most sports field managers that I have met are more than willing to share praise with those that have assisted them and ask for help when needed, I’d like to offer a few tips to help you more completely enjoy your independence.

Share your goals and dreams with those that can assist you in reaching them. Convey how they might assist, and then give them the independence to do their part. If you choose the right people to assist you, they will have talents that augment yours.

Allow them the same opportunity to fail as you have. Don’t expect them to be any more perfect than you are, but do give them the tools to avoid failure wherever possible.

Offer praise whenever possible. Incremental praise can speed the successful completion of even—or especially—the most difficult tasks.

Actively seek the advice and guidance of others. We do not have time to make all the mistakes ourselves.

While some have the goal to become independently well off, it takes others to help them get there.

Have a happy 4th of July. Share the day with others and enjoy the independence gained by working with those around you.

The author is a contributing editor for SportsField Management.