In these uncertain times, it is imperative to prioritize. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. The key is how we use those hours and the minutes within them.

Once you have identified and set your priorities, diligence is required to ensure that you are budgeting your time wisely. You must make adjustments when something starts to take more than its share.

The same goes for resources. Whether it is your personal income or the funds entrusted to you at work, there are limits. With rising prices, choices become more difficult. Income or available dollars on the job often don’t keep up with costs. Decemberiding how much fuel to put in the car and what groceries are needed can create unpleasant times. You have to make similar decisions at work. Not only are costs going up, but also, in many cases, budgets are being cut. You have to look at what you have and determine the best ways to use that to accomplish what needs to be done. Field priorities are clear; safety comes first, playability is second, followed by aesthetics.

One of your priorities must be keeping up with what is new. Another has to be seeing how others are coping in today’s environment. These are really priorities within your job, but they have to be considered and scheduled. Besides reading articles here in SFM, I urge you to talk with your peers. When you exchange ideas and share problems and solutions, you both benefit.

Speaking of exchanging, we are approaching that season of exchanging gifts. Here again, priorities must be set. Sometimes the most important gift we can give is that of our time. Make sure as you budget your time, you save some to give to those most important to you. I don’t believe it is the least bit selfish to give your time, realizing that as you give it, you gain so much in return.

I wish you the most joyous holiday season. I hope you have received the most important gift and celebrate the life you have been given.

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