Do you ever wonder about the importance of your job? Some people question the significance of sports. Sports are frequently one of the first things discussed when expenses need to be cut. Even facilities that place a tremendous value on sports frequently don’t give enough thought or recognition to the importance of the fields. With all the money spent on star athletes, it is no wonder that a segment of the populace forgets about what you do. Instead, that money should convince those people that sports are important, and that what you do is an integral part of sports. The sports you deal with couldn’t be played without a field. It is your job to provide the safest, most playable and aesthetically pleasing playing surface possible. You are responsible for doing everything feasible to take the field out of the equation. In other words, no one wants the condition of the field to influence the outcome of the game or the safety of the athlete.

It is your responsibility to assure that one of those multimillion-dollar players’ career is not ended because of your field. It is equally important that the little ones just getting into sports don’t have their chances cut short because of field conditions.

Sports contests help people work together as a team. Teamwork multiplies the individual’s strong points and minimizes the individual’s weak points, especially when the teams recognize each others strengths and weaknesses and build their strategy around them.

The most important factor in winning in sports is the person’s ability at a given moment—not who they know or what they did last time. You create the environment that allows that to happen.

The next time anyone, including yourself, questions the importance of what you do, answer with confidence. Without you, there wouldn’t be a game. Without your concern for safety, players wouldn’t be able to play as long as they do. If you didn’t pay proper attention to detail, the field wouldn’t look as good as it does.

Those are responsibilities not to be taken lightly. In fact, what you do is awesome. Remind yourself of that whenever necessary.

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