Electric Topdressing

Dakota announced production of the 410 Electric Turf Tender. This environmentally friendly topdresser uses a 48-volt, four-battery system that allows the user to spread over 50 loads of material on a single charge. The unit operates virtually silently because there is no engine or hydraulics. It provides spread widths from 12 to 40 feet, and spreads light or heavy, wet or dry material.

New Cab System

Curtis Industries has introduced the PathPro SS cab system for the Polaris Ranger 800 Crew utility vehicle. The cab’s interior offers almost 100 percent panoramic visibility. Using 30-ounce, clear, double-polished vinyl, the PathPro SS seals snugly around the entire vehicle. Each cab features a steel roof with textured powder-coat paint and acoustic headliner that comes in two pieces. The windshield is made from polycarbonate with quantum coating, allowing for optional wiper usage. Accessories for the cab system include heaters, work lights and spreaders.

Portable Pump

Seago International has introduced the Portapump, a one-person, portable pumping machine. A 35cc, four-stroke Honda engine powers the 33 GPM pump, which works well for clearing water from irrigation breaks or leaks, low areas and more. A half-speed trigger lock keeps the machine pumping. The Portapump is self-priming and easy to operate and transport. The unit comes with a metal mesh sand screen and an extra 16 feet of heavy-duty hose.

Fertilizer with Iron & Manganese

Premium Green 11-2-9 Fe + Mn, new from Gro-Power, has soluble nitrogen as a source. It has 8 percent iron and 3 percent manganese for dark green turf color and high levels of disease resistance. The product also contains a full minors package, 1 percent soil penetrant and 10 percent humic acids to enhance nutrient availability. It waters in easily with no pickup.

Electric Spreading & Spraying

The Turf Tracker Arc from C&S Turf Care Equipment is an all-electric, zero-turn, riding spreader/sprayer. The state-of-the-art, low-maintenance design allows operators to spread and spray an acre of turf in 10 minutes. The Arc lasts all day on a single charge, with no emissions or noise. It handles well on hilly, uneven terrain.

Off to a Good Start

SquareOne is a new “starter” herbicide from FMC Professional Solutions. It can be applied one day before seeding or as early as seven days after emergence on most cool and warm-season grasses. Weed populations are reduced from the start, allowing for maximum turf density with fewer herbicide applications or the need to reseed the following spring. Designed for newly seeded turf, the dispersible granule formulation features a dual-action, optimized combination of active ingredients that works primarily through foliar contact and uptake, but also continues to hold back weed competition until the new turf is established. It mixes easily in water for use in sprayers and is labeled for crabgrass and many small broadleaf weeds.