Roll On

TurfTime Equipment LLC has launched a full line of HD Smoothing Rollers for sports fields. The units are 2 feet in diameter and have a heavy-duty, 3/8-inch thick wall. They come in four standard widths: 4, 5, 6 and 7.5 feet. Custom widths and carrying wheels are available.

Stainless Steel Controller

Hunter Industries’ XC Hybrid is now available in a stainless steel version for tougher weather protection and increased security. The controller offers a 365-day calendar, three independent programs (each with four start times), global seasonal adjustment, station-controlled sensors, “Easy Retrieve” memory backup and onboard, non-volatile memory. The unit operates DC latching solenoids with six C batteries for longer life. The XC Hybrid stainless steel comes in six and 12-station models.

Environmentally Friendly Paint

Pioneer Athletics announced Star Line Ultra Friendly, its second paint to be recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency with the “Design for the Environment” designation. Like the previously released Brite Stripe Ultra Friendly, the new field paint is completely free of volatile organic compounds and includes more readily biodegradable components than ever before. Star Line is the companion product to Pioneer’s paint-in-a-box sprayer, the Star Striper.

Take Command

Kromer has introduced the Field Commander, a multipurpose riding unit that will groom, paint and remove lines, spray, apply logos, condition and perform all necessary functions to maintain both natural and artificial turf fields. The fully hydraulic machine offers complete athletic field maintenance, utilizing a “one machine, one operator” concept. It is available with over 32 attachments that quickly attach and detach. It can transform into a utility vehicle, offering a versatile utility box.

New Dethatcher

The new Sisis Rotorake 602 from C.S. Trading is a heavy-duty dethatcher that has shallow settings for regular use and can also work at deeper depths when required. It contributes to aeration and compaction relief by cutting clean, continuous slits to assist water and air absorption, and it improves the integration of topdressing. The unit can be fitted with an integral seeder attachment and features improved “no tool” depth control, optional blades and spacers, and six forward gears and reverse for ease of use and maneuverability. It is powered by a 14 hp gas engine, giving independent drive to reels and wheels.

Swing Joints for Sprinklers

Underhill International offers a series of swing joints for Mirage long-throw sports field sprinklers. Impact and corrosion-resistant ductile iron swing joints are for installations exceeding 100 PSI. They provide surge protection and are available in two sizes: 1.5-inch female gasketed bell joint x 1.5-inch thread and 3-inch female gasketed bell joint x 2.5-inch thread. PVC swing joints are designed for lower-pressure installations. Schedule 40 PVC is available with 1.5-inch male thread x 1.5-inch male thread. Schedule 80 PVC has a 3-inch female slip x 2.5-inch thread. All rotating joints have ACME thread types with smooth O-ring grooves for positive sealing and thread protection.