Upgraded HoverDry

HoverDry has reintroduced the HoverDry Sports Turf pump. The same design gently removes water from delicate turf surfaces, while the power plant and hardware have been upgraded. Powered by a 5.5 hp, four-cycle Honda engine, it pumps puddles from turf areas by driving air down as water and air are simultaneously taken in between hulls. Water is brought into the inner hull and discharged through a hose. It has no minimum working depth and can be fitted with bunker skids to pump bunker puddles down to below .5 inch with no sand displacement. A caster kit is available for pumping on hard surfaces.

Smart Control

Rain Bird has introduced the ET Manager Cartridge, a simple way to upgrade its ESP-LX Modular Controller to an evapotranspiration/weather-based smart controller. The cartridge receives hourly weather information from a local Weather Reach Signal Provider. Using temperature, wind, solar radiation, humidity and rainfall information, along with any site-specific settings, the cartridge automatically adjusts irrigation schedules accordingly. It also gives the controller the ability to display real-time weather conditions and log all system activity. Four separate moisture balance settings efficiently water various plant types.

Reel it In

Automatic Turf Products offers a hose reel mounting system that is fully adjustable to fit any type of cart used for spraying. With a heavy-duty aluminum frame and components, the system offers the ability to adjust the direction of the hose reel, which is available in manual and automatic versions. The mounting frame is available as a separate unit. Storage space is provided under the reel after it is mounted in the cart. Installation is easy, with only four holes required.

New Windscreens

Sport Pride graphic windscreens, new from Bison, offer virtually unlimited graphics with Bison’s full-color printing process. Durable 8-ounce mesh allows wind to pass through without damage. Screens are available in heights of 4 to 8 feet and unlimited lengths. All four edges are hemmed and have grommets every 18 inches.

Versatile Aeration

The VersaTow aerator attachment, from SourceOne Outdoor Power Equipment, has 12-inch, self-storing wings to allow operation at 36, 48 or 60-inch widths. The wings float independently for excellent results on uneven terrain. VersaTow is compatible with a Category I three-point hitch or standard tow bar. With the three-point hitch, the tine assemblies swivel to maximize maneuverability. Core spacing is about 6 by 7 inches, with a depth of 4 inches, achieved by 80 heat-treated, 5/8-inch tubular tines. The 13-by-6-inch pneumatic tires lower for transport with a hand-operated actuator.

Improve Turf, Kill Fungus

SipcamAdvan has introduced Echo ETQ turf and ornamental fungicide, which contains chlorothalonil and a novel pigment that stimulates the plant components needed to improve summer stress tolerance. The technology behind Echo ETQ improves turf quality factors such as color, strength, density and consistency, while controlling dollar spot, brown patch, leaf spot, gray leaf spot, anthracnose and other diseases. It is available in two formulations: Echo Ultimate ETQ, a spray-dried granule, and Echo 6F ETQ, a flowable concentrate.


The new GKB Sandfiller from Blec USA was designed for simultaneous verticutting and backfilling with sand in one pass. It achieves good aeration and drainage while following ground contours with three height-adjustable rolls. The combination rotor is capable of frase mowing as well as verticutting while collecting all debris in the dump box. With a working width of 48 inches, it has a working depth of 0 to 1.5 inches and makes slits that are 2 or 3 mm wide, with a spacing of 1.5 inches.

Maintenance-Friendly Mower

Jacobsen’s R-311 wide-area rotary mower is maintenance-friendly, with a variety of features to allow easy access. The cutting decks flip up, the shroud covering the engine compartment folds back and the seat pan can be easily removed or flipped up. Commercial-duty hydraulic motors power the blade of each cutting deck. Beveled blades handle heavy grasses. An ergonomically designed cockpit puts all controls and foot pedals within reach. It also features an air-ride suspension seat, foldable ROPS and new tie-down points.


Turfco’s new WideSpin 1540 EC topdresser features a spinner design that allows operators to dial in precise and even applications from ultra-light to ultra-heavy with few adjustments. A three-position switch with a remote throttle turns the spinners on before the conveyors for clean application. Twin spinners are angled for spread patterns up to 40 feet. The rear panel sheds sand easily and prevents buildup on the spinners during loading. The belt has a self-cleaning roller. Additional features include onboard diagnostics, electronic controller and galvanized hopper.

Get Some Kelp

Kelplex 1-2-2, new from Grigg Brothers, is a foliar product that contains 75 percent sea kelp extract, an active source of plant growth regulators (including cytokinins and auxins) and both enzymatic and nonenzymatic antioxidants. As a supplement to existing foliar and granular fertilizer programs, it protects cellular membranes and improves disease resistance and tolerance of heat, drought and salinity stress. It encourages efficient, healthy turfgrass physiology and increases primary plant metabolism and endogenous antioxidant production.