Turf-Set Adhesives

Chemical Concepts announced the new Turf-Set line of synthetic turf adhesive products. The Turf-Set Rapid Repair Kit puts fields back into play quickly. The two-part, self-mixing adhesive system kit repairs up to 5 square feet of turf. Turf-Set 718 synthetic turf adhesive is available in 1, 5 and 55-gallon drums. Turf-Set synthetic turf fabric seam tape measures 12 inches by 110 yards.

Catch It if You Can

Underhill International has introduced the Catch Can Pro, an easy, on-site auditing method to help determine if sports field sprinklers are underperforming and wasting water. Each package contains 10 durable polypropylene catch cans that can be evenly spaced around the irrigation area. As water is applied, the cans accurately measure sprinkler application rates and indicate whether coverage is consistent and uniform.

New Verti-Art Machines

Redexim North America added new machines to its Verti-Art range of equipment for synthetic turf maintenance. The line now includes the Verti-Top tow-behind with optional vacuum attachment and the Verti-Clean with a ground-driven brush for surface cleaning. Powered by a 6.5 hp Briggs & Stratton Intek engine, the Verti-Top removes debris from the surface while brushing and grooming the turf fibers. Material is sifted into a vibratory shaker screen, and debris is sifted into two bins while clean infill is returned to the turf. The Verti-Clean’s rotating brush throws debris onto a vibrating sieve. It has a lightweight hopper that can be removed easily for dumping.

Bedknives from Stens

Stens carries standard and premium bedknives. Standard bedknives are manufactured to OEM specifications for direct replacement, and premium bedknives are made to cut at heights lower than OEM-spec bedknives. The high-carbon premium bedknives are made from spring-type steel with chrome/nickel alloys and come with a high-polished finish.