Brush It!

SGM Industries has developed the TB200 turf brush, a ground-driven unit with counter-rotating brushes that can be used on all types of turf, including synthetic. One pass with the unit accomplishes more than three or four passes of typical drag brushes or mats. Fully adjustable, it can gently groom or work more aggressively to move heavy sand to backfill aerifier holes. It eliminates turf bruising and stress from verticutting, and incorporating sand saves the cutting edges of reels and bedknives.

Feed the Turf

The Valve Box Fertigation system, new from Turf Feeding Systems, is designed for sports turf and landscapes from 2 to 10 acres. The new model is water-driven, requiring no power, and it is located belowground for simple installation and operation.

Ultralight Hose

Southern Athletic Fields now offers Ultralight Hose, which weighs 16 pounds per 100-foot section. Both the Ultralight and green standard hose come standard with 1-inch couplings on both ends that can be used with the company’s constant-flow or dual-range nozzles.

Go Wireless

Heying Co. has introduced a wireless remote control for its PR72 Pro Groomer infield maintenance machine. The groomer has a powered electric lift that raises and lowers the implements to the infield surface. The new wireless remote sends a signal to a receiver on the machine that is connected to the electric lift. It can also be added to existing corded remote machines. The system requires no wiring to the towing machine.

New Water Reel

The E110 Water Reel, new from Kifco, operates from any traditional municipal or residential water source and requires 23 PSI and 3 GPM to operate. Its efficient electric battery provides up to 40 hours of run time on a single charge. There is no water discharge or machine stalls due to pressure dips. It also features adjustable speed control and automatic retraction and shutdown.

Tackle Thatch

The Trilo VCU 200 verticut unit from STEC removes thatch buildup and allows increased aeration, more effective utilization of fertilizer and increased water penetration. The machine drive is completely mechanical, with no hydraulic hoses. Constructed on a single rigid frame, it has a working width of 6.56 feet and maximum working depth of 1.58 inches. The scarifier blades each have five teeth. A stepless adjuster on the left and right sides adjusts the working depth. The 585-pound unit fits Category I and II hitches and requires 15 to 20 hp. The optional weight kit includes four 48.5-pound weights.