We asked select suppliers and manufacturer industry experts: What benefits are customers looking for with your organic products, and what are some of the new technologies/ organic products being used in the industry for the last few years?

Gordon Kauffman III, Ph.D., Technical Manager/Grigg BrothersA8308_3

Our customers rely on our foliar formulations, and the natural organic chelation technology that improves nutrient use efficiency, safety and compatibly — leading to operational profitability, simplicity and peak performance. After routine application(s), our customers observe, and the research confirms, improved turf vigor and increased pesticide efficacy during environmental stress. We continue to develop innovative organic solutions, such as the preventive use of phosphite (PO33-) to improve plant health, and study how plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) can improve turfgrass water-use efficiency and improve vigor during temperature stress.