We asked paint suppliers and industry experts, “What are some new field painting technologies/practices now available to sports field managers?”

Tom Heine, Specialty Business Sales Manager/Titan

Titan recently upgraded its PowrLiner field painting systems with advanced ergonomics and smart features that offer more control, convenience and comfort. Some of the new features include: Deadlock handlebars that are infinitely adjustable to fit any body size and shape, the SmartArm system gun boom that folds out for quick set up and folds up for easy transportation and storage, and the PowrCenter control panel that features a storage tray, cup holder and a 12-volt plug-in for charging cell phones and iPods. Our focus has been on making the job easier, so we have also recently added the LineSite laser guidance system and optional LazyLiner ride-on drivers.

Doug Schattinger, President/Pioneer Athletics

One issue Pioneer’s lab tackled this year is grass paint curing time – a difficult issue to battle because the plant itself is regularly releasing water. When you include cool weather, dew or normal sprinkling, the curing process can take days instead of hours. Pioneer developed a new formulation using cutting-edge resin technologies that allow paint to cure faster while not harming grass and maintaining the brilliance of our colors. The new formulation was sent to a variety of climates for independent evaluation. Each study confirmed faster curing, excellent product performance and sustained plant health.

Ray Krebs, General Manager/Newstripe

Currently, the hot topic of discussion is temporary paints for synthetic turf surfaces. Removable paints are an excellent solution to increase field use for additional sports that were not originally inlayed into the turf. The result has been an increased demand for new synthetic turf paints that balance product longevity with easy removal, while coupling cleaning systems that are simple to use, yet are gentle enough not to destroy surface areas. Sports turf managers should work with field installers and paint suppliers to find the best-suited products that are compatible with their field and to ensure integrity of their turf.

Griffin Brady, Sales & Marketing Specialist/Eco Chemical

New synthetic turf can present unwelcome painting challenges for field managers when manufacturing residue on new turf strands interferes with paint adhesion. The Eco Chemical solution is a new pre-painting conditioner called TempLine Pre-Game, which enhances adhesion for initial painting by conditioning the surface of the turf strands, making them more receptive to paint – without interfering with eventual paint removal. Pre-Game has been a game-saver with a number of new field installation challenges and is an important component of the TempLine Synthetic Turf Painting System.

Tim Wehner, Global Product Marketing Manager/Contractor Equipment Division, Graco Inc.

In the world of field painting and striping, green technology is a real game-changer and will become even more commonplace. Lithium-ion battery development has enabled the creation of lightweight emissions-free striping units such as Graco’s FieldLazer S90 airless field marker, freeing up the dependence on gasoline-powered engines. Besides being environmentally friendly, battery-powered stripers and painters are economical and maneuverable and have great run time – the FieldLazer S90 can paint up to 10 soccer fields on a single charge.